Do photovoltaics work if there is a mains power cut?

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      a smith

      Do PV solar panels still work if there is a power cut? Will the system restart automatically once the power returns and reinstate service?

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      If the electricity mains cuts out, the inverter would also cut out too. This is because if an engineer is working on the network, you don’t want self-generators sending a current his way.

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      Maureen Bucknall Douggie

      I had a power cut when I switched my fuse box back on the light on the PV solar panels unit was red. I don’t know how to reset the unit so I have a green light. Can you help, please?

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        Stuart Lovatt

        Hi Maureen

        Different inverter brands may vary, but this video may help:

        Also, check your documentation, (if you haven’t already) as your inverter instructions may be provided, or contact details for your inverter manufacturer’s helpline may be provided.

        Hope this helps.

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