Just had a solar company rep at the door – confused???

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      Hi Guys,
      Just had a solar company rep at my door.

      If I’ve got this right, he said I could have panels fitted for no cost, my electricity bills would be the same for a few years as any electricity I sell would pay for the panels and installation and in a few years, they’d be payed off and my bills would then come down.

      Does this sound about right and surely, I’d be stupid not to go ahead with this as it won’t cost me anything?
      I’m up in exposed hills with 4 angled roofs facing all directions.

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      Hi Pat

      Get three quotes is the most important factor here.

      As many solar companies operate in different ways, it can be confusing to people like yourself. Generally speaking, if you have been canvassed on the doorstep, then someone has to pay the army of ‘canvassers’ from the ‘double-glazing’ school of salesmanship and that will be you the customer.

      What many solar companies have been caught doing is mis-selling the returns and advantages (of course, there are many) to justify their very high-priced systems. Beware of this strategy when getting your three quotes. Smaller, more localised companies can offer more reasonable prices, because they haven’t got an army of sales teams and canvassers to employ.

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      Hi Stuart,
      Thanks for the reply.
      TBH, I wasn’t really looking for solar power, but if I can have it at no expense to myself (well, no increased monthly expense), then I’m all for that.
      Will see what other companies operate in my area and see if I can get some more quotes along the same lines.

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      rob h

      Had a tel marketing call today and ended up booking an appointment based on “free solar heating” and was guaranteed that it wouldn’t cost me a penny. Before the chap turned up i trawled the net for info on the company and came upon this website. So glad i did. Made alarm bells ring but thought lets see what they were offering.

      First thing i asked wa s how much it was going to cost me. Absolutely nothing came the answer from the salesman, same comment from the tele sales girl to be fair. So half an hour later and the same repeated question of how is this being paid for and eventually the salesman says “well we don’t fit it for free sir it will cost £9000”. So who pays the £9000 i ask? Well we work with a company that provides a loan at %6.73 over the twenty years. I say then it’s not for free is it. Yes it is because the money you save will pay for the loan and you will have some left over.

      Based on 4kw panels he reckons i would get back £19,500 and based on the savings over the 20 years of 60k. Wow! Now i am not an idiot and did some mental maths in my head and take away the repayments from my yearly saving on elec tric (£975-£800 for the loan and repayments etc) and based on his workings out i would only save £175 over a year. Not what he was trying to lead me to believe of nearly £2000.

      I pointed out the only reason he was here was because i was told by the tele sales girl that it was “FREE” he told me it was “FREE” and it clearly was no where near “FREE” He then pointed out that i probably couldn’t afford the outlay to pay for it out right. Boy was this the wrong thing to say. I told him that can afford it and my financial situation was none of his business.

      Thanked him for his time and asked him to leave but he still tried the sell. Eventaualy gave up and said it was “no skin off his nose as it meant an early night for him” Oh and i also asked him about the complaints about his company as per Norman Scottish Installer put up a link to. Apparently that is a load of rubbish and he knows nothing about it!

      All i would like to say about this company is they have a very clever way of doing things that to me, is totally misleading from the tele sales girl to the rep that turns up. Be afraid be very afraid of this company, as always nothing is free in this world. Actually the solar power is but at a price to get it for free.

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      In my opinion most of the problems regarding potential miss-selling start with a cold call.

      RECC have acknowledge this in their July newsletter. Last January they received 973 complaints about solar panels. By July this had trebled to 2855.

      An Ofcom survey, carried out over a four-week period, confirmed a substantial increase in nuisance calls about solar panels.

      Ofcom has produced a series of leaflets and videos to help consumers know where to get advice about nuisance calls and how to complain. In the first instance, consumers should ask who is phoning them and make a complaint to ICO.

      Here is the link. Worth a watch and read:


      Solar panels are a great investment when installed by a company who knows what they are doing, the price is competitive and the kit good quality. By visiting sites such as this potential customer’s can educate themselves on what to expect should they decide to invite a solar or renewable company into their homes.

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      If you use commission based salespeople that on the first visit quote a price and then expect a decision, then that is viewed differently to a company that sends out staff to collect site date in order to produce an annual PV estimate and quote.

      That quote is then either posted or emailed out and no pressure is put upon the people to sign up.

      When we go to visit a potential customer, we take no paperwork with us and never expect them to decide there and then.

      For us the first visit is simple to collect the information and site date we need to produce a PV estimate and quote

      The Door Step Selling legislation has now be replaced by Home Selling, Distance Selling and Off Premises Selling.

      For small companies like us its a minefield trying to keep ahead of what’s expected.

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