Is battery storage a viable option for me?

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    Hi, I am thinking of installing a small PV panel system 1.6 Kw. Is battery storage a viable option for me?

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    I have written an article here about battery storage and PV:

    PV solar panels and battery storage in the UK

    Hope this helps.

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    Lincolnshire Solar


    The simple answer to your question is NO is not viable.

    Your 1.6 kw system will generate between 1100 to 1600 kWh per year. Depending on your electric consumption (3100 kWh per year being the National average) you’ll use 900 + Kw per year already within the home, leaving you from 200 to 600 kWh spare, if you have a water cylinder the cheapest option is to use a iboost or Immersun unit to heat your hot water.

    To be viable you need a system which will generate over 2500 kwh per year. This could be a 2.5 kW system facing south or a 3 kW system facing east or west or any other size system above this. Look at your MCS certificate for expected generation per year.

    Energy saving trust quote savings of £125 per year for a solar PV panel system, this is about 900 kWh per year @14.5 p per kWh, this then leaves a surplus of 1600 which can be stored and used at a later time of the
    day when required.

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