Inverter insurance

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      Nick Meadowcroft

      Hi all
      We are just about to exchange contracts on a house with a 2.5KW pv system on the roof, it was fitted 9 years ago so now there’s no guarantee for the installation, we have been informed that the inverter is the week link and will fall at some time so is there an insurance policy available for this just in case.

      Thanks for any information as we know almost nothing about this new world of PV world.


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      Yes, you’re correct. The weakest link in a PV system is the Inverter. Just a like the chain on a bicycle or timing belt on a car engine, you can change the inverter periodically and your system is good to go for another decade-plus.

      It’s easy to replace and your PV solar panels will continue to generate and provide for you for decades to come.

      I recommend asking a local PV solar installer to replace and then you can enjoy the benefits of PV going forward.

      Hope this helps.

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