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    Hi, I’ve had several quotes for a solar world panel and SMA inverter PV system. The cheapest one is about 800 pounds less than the more expensive quote. The company with the more expensive quote seems more professional and seems more likely to be around in a few years time. The company with the cheapest quote for the same system does not seem that they will be around in a years time. They both have the same usual credentials etc and offer insurance backed guarantees. My worry is if I have a problem next year and the cheaper company not being around and me getting stitched up with a big bill trying to find someone else fix or repair problems. Any advise form anyone?

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    You should receive two warranties to cover you. One from the manufacturers and one from your original installer covering parts and labor. That warranty should have been insurance backed as cover in the event of your original installer ceasing to trade.

    I don’t believe a national companies will give you the same aftersales service as a local company will. Nationals will be the first to disappear once the incentives are gone.

    I always say every company will charge differently, depending on the amount of staff and overheads of the company. A one man band (to coin a phrase) can install cheaper than a company with half a dozen staff.

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    Thanks Stuart,
    I guess my worries are more around how easy it would be to deal with the insurance company if the installer went out of business. The kind of circumstance I have in mind is if there is a leak in the roof in a years time or if the system stops working for whatever reason and it’s not clear which component has stopped working. Would I end up having to pay someone to fault find then claim on the component warranty for whichever bit is not working? Or do the insurance company deal with the whole thing?

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    Hi again

    I have never had to make a claim, but I should imagine that its like any other claim where you ring the number provided and they offer you their own suppliers or you designate your own.

    Just like any other type of insurance, I imagine you cross your fingers and hope for the best.

    If it’s any help, the installation process doesn’t need for any roof removal. 7000.000 installations and rising in the UK alone can’t be wrong.

    Welcome to the brighter side of the force.

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    Thanks Stuart,
    The additional info and opinions are much appreciated. I’ll be biting the bullet and ordering my system tomorrow morning.

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    MCS news just in.

    I’m happy to report that the MCS certificate will include from the 5th November 2015 the following information below for domestic properties having solar PV installed.

    “Insurance Warranty Provider”
    Select from a drop down list of providers

    “Insurance Policy or Certificate Number”
    Enter the insurance policy or certificate number

    “Insurance Policy or Certificate Start Date”
    Enter the insurance policy or certificate start date

    This will cause some problems for some solar PV contractors who have never given customer workmanship warranties in the past. The RECC own news letter back in April 2014 stated that 39% of contractors didn’t have workmanship warranties in place for customers.

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