If I sell my property?

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      Katy Galvin

      If I sell my property, do the next owners get the same price per unit as I do?

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      Yes, the tariff is fully transferable to the new home owners. This makes the system a very big selling point when putting your property on the market.

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      Ben Weston

      Hi, I wanted to share recent experience and ask a question to the experts.

      I recently bought a repossessed property which had solar panels fitted. It’s been a pain proving the fixtures (which solar panels are) were included in the sale as the selling bank provide no information in this regard. With the original owner of the house/panels emigrated to Australia we were unable to prove I was the owner of the panels.

      From experience, when buying a repossessed house with solar panels, double check the details of whether fixtures are included in the sale with the seller. Anyhow, the energy provided managed to get him to sign off the panels to me, I believe through a family member since he seems to have emigrated leaving a mess behind and showing a clean pair of heels.

      Well having now agreed that the panels are mine with the energy supplier, I am happy to see they were installed in Aug 2011 with good FIT payments, I’m wondering if the technology has improved over the last 4 years that any upgrades (i.e inverter upgrade) might be worthwhile investments to maximise the income via the 21 year of FIT payments due. I can’t give specifics yet as I’ve not investigated what’s in the loft but will let sleeping dogs lie if there’s no point even considering it.

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