How many evacuated tubes makes a standard system?

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    Jim Ridley

    Hi Again
    I’m looking for some advice in evacuated tubes i have a 12 panel 4kw system on my roof, with very little space left , I could only have 12 panels due to the size of my roof what I would like to know is “How many tubes make a standard system?”

    Can these help with home heating or are they just for hot water? I have a Combi boiler (no Tank) ball park figure on price)

    Thank you.

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    Number of tubes vary depending on the size of the tank your heating. You do require a hot water tank, so your Combi system is incompatible.

    Additionally, PV-to-hot water controllers are great devices that will effectively give you free hot water for maybe six months of the year. But again, you need the all important tank. Sorry.

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    Hi Jim

    Have a look at this link. It can be used with a Combi:

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