How long do I have to cancel after signing an install contract?

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      I had a solar salesman come into my home and persuade me to sign a contract. I want to do some more homework and get more quotes before making a commitment, so what are my rights regarding this?

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      First thing, don’t worry. You have 14 days to cancel. They are lying to you about the cooling off period,

      Installers have to issue ‘Cancellation Information’ to the customer informing them on how to cancel and advise them, they can cancel up to and including 14 days from the signing.

      If we do not issue this information then the contract is invalid.

      Additionally, RECC rules are very specific about the title of anyone that comes out to see you. Companies are not allowed to call their salesmen surveyors if they are not in fact surveyors. There is a difference. A salesman sells. A surveyor survey’s.

      Cancel. By phone. Email. Letter. And don’t let them survey.

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      It is common for people to sign up to great deals advertised only to find out after doing more research that the deal offered was not as good as it seemed at first glance.

      In sales there are advertised rates and actual rates. I pass a hotel every day that has a sign saying rooms from £25 when their rack rate is £125. So what are the chances of me getting a room at £25.

      Many online printers offer full colour business cards for under £5 per 100. However, by the time you get to the actual check out you are over £25 with all the ad-ons.

      Its the Ryan Air principle. Return flights £30. Great price. Now do you want a seat with it.

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