How does wind strength affect solar panels?

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    I stay in a very exposed area of Fife where roofs regularly get wind damaged. How robust are solar panel installations?

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    Hi Charlie

    The installation of solar panels has been regulated now since 2009 when the MCS accreditation was implemented.

    As part of this accreditation, the standards of the installers procedures and the equipment they use is policed. In order for equipment to be MCS accredited, they have to be tested by manufacturers to BRE (building regulations standards). So any solar panels installed are done so overseen by the same standards that you would expect when installing a modern roof to a new home.

    Wind testing is an integral part of this BRE testing.

    When an installer does a pre-installation survey, they take into account the condition of the roof, so if your roof is not up to standard, then they will ask you to fix your roof before installing solar panels.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Stuart


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