How do the performance warranty and the product warranty affect each other?

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      How do the performance warranty and the product warranty affect each other?

      For example if i have a 25 year 80% performance warranty and a 10 year manufacturers warranty then if a panel fails in year 11 does the performance warranty (performance drops down to 0% on that panel) cover it in which case the manufacturers warranty is pointless or is it not covered because its outside the 10 years in which case the performance warranty is pointless.

      Unless I am misunderstanding, one invalidates the other or renders it meaningless.

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      Go by the build warranty. The performance warranty in real life is almost impossible to quantify and prove.

      However, with the performance backed warranty the panel is not outputting the said amount of power, say 85% after 11 years your panel should be replaced.

      You have a build warranty, so the panel falls apart in 11 years (very unlikely), then its your problem.

      Clear as mud.

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      That’s kind of what i figured but they insist that the Performance Warranty trumps the Manufacturer’s Warranty. I got them to put it in writing in case it ever comes up.

      ‘Could you also confirm that the performance guarantee covers the parts and labour for replacing the affected panel(s) if one or more panels fails for any reason after the product warranty is finished (within 25 years).’

      ‘Yes the performance guarantee covers parts and labour’.

      They say that the install includes a monitoring system which will email me if a panel’s performance falls below a certain level (90% years 1-2, 80% years 13-25) and they will automatically come out and replace it. Does this seem feasible?

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      That monitoring thing is a load of rubbish, I would take that with a large pinch of salt!

      Unless you are from an electronics, electrical or maybe manufacturing background comparing datasheets would be a nightmare.

      Look upon panels the same as you would a TV, washing machine or laptop.

      Look for a well-known brand, one that’s been third party tested.

      This is the single best view of how to compare solar panels from our Australian cousin:

      Performance listings can be found here:

      Alternatively, if you simply want to find a reputable installer using quality equipment, then use our ‘get quotes’ service. Thanks, Norman.

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      Hi Sam

      A Tranergy inverter or any other string inverter cannot tell if a single panel performance falls below a certain level.

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      Lincolnshire Solar

      I have found the GEO 3 is the best for monitoring, it can tell me my generation from the PV system, home usage, what I’ve imported from the Grid and what has been exported. It has its own display which you can switch from Use, Import, Generation and Export.

      Installed on the 14th April 2015
      Solar PV System 1.44 kW on West facing roof.
      Solar PV generation per year 1300 kWh.
      My home has used a total of 2053 kWh in 181 days.
      I have imported 1494 kWh so far this year.

      >From in the setting tab I can download a CVS
      file and workout what I’ve imported during day and what I’ve imported when the solar PV system is not generating e.g. at night time, it also gives you a breakdown in fifteen minute segments.

      PV generated to date 837.0 kWh. I have used 558.9 kWh. I have exported (used in my immersion heater 278.1 kWh) I have used 66% of the solar PV generated kWh as self consumption so far this year.I expect this to rise to 75% consumption over the full year (975 kWh) out of the 1300 kWh as I’m not exporting much of the generated power to the immersion heater at this time.

      Only down side is the cost at over £250 plus fitting, but can’t detect failure of individual panels.

      Hope this helps


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      Norman Scottish Installer

      Salesmen love the 25 Year Performance Warranty because they can boast how their panels are covered for 25 years.

      This is taken directly from the 833 Warranty Spec:

      “Limited Peak Power Warranties” do not cover any transportation charge, customs clearance or any other costs for return of the MODULES, or for reshipment of any repaired or replaced MODULES, or costs associated with installation, removal or reinstallation of the PV-modules”

      If you have any concerns about the warranty from a pv manufacturer you can download a copy of the warranty from their web page download section.

      This way you can read it for yourself rather than take the company at their word.

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