Help choosing from 3 panels and inverters please?

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    Hi I have been quoted £7000 to fit panels inverter and imerser
    Any advice in choosing from the options of panels and inverters I have been given below would be very very welcome ????
    3 panel options all Tier 1 Bankable

    1. Solarworld 250w Monocrystaline Black German manufacture 10yr warranty 25yr performance this would be 16 panels in total 4kw total.
    2. LG 300 Mono German manufactured 10yr warranty 25yrs performance this would be 13 panels 2 rows of 5 and 1 of 3 3.9kw total.
    3. Canadian Solar Chinese manufactured all Black 265w panels 10yr warranty 25yrs performance this would be 3 rows of 5 panels 3.97kw total.

    Personally I would go with the Canadian solar we use them on commercial projects(silver framed ones) they are excellent quality and look the best panel. Nice square block on the roof too.

    Inverters choice of 3

    Solax Chinese manufactured 10yrs warranty very efficient
    Power one Italian made one of the best inverters on the market but only 5yrs manufacturer’s warranty
    Samil inverters Chinese made 10yr warranty this is our inverter we use for large scale commercial installs quality built.

    I have attached all data sheets for you to look at. If you need to discuss anything on them then I am in the office all day tomorrow.

    Lots to look at all the same price installed. Performance and energy generated would be similar which ever you go for.”

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    Ben Q and Sunpower do 327 watt ones, which would give you a 3.92 system, which is as near to a 4 kwp system as makes no difference.

    However, you need to pay a premium for these more powerful panels. Sunpower panels, for example, are more than double the cost of a good quality 250 watt one and can only be installed by a Sunpower Partner.

    The Samill is warranted for 10 and can be extended to 20. Solax is at the lower end of the market in terms of price.

    Price seems a high, but depends on panel type, so I would get another comparison quote here from one of our more localised installers.

    I feel one of the best ways of judging is to speak to an installers previous customers near to you. Good installers will give all prospective customers the chance to speak to previous customers to their postcode.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Stuart thank you for taking the time to reply, I don’t know about the panels you mentioned, I was really interested to know which of the 3 I have listed was the best choice as the total price is going to be about the same. The price includes an imerser (not sure how you spell that). I am happy with the installers, have chosen them as they did a local fit a few years ago and came recommended. They do a lot of schools and industrial fits locally, it is the choice of kit that I am not sure about. Thanks

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    Also I am hoping to get fitted before the tarrif change so have little time for people coming to quote, I just came into a bit off cash and decided to put it to good use ????

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    It sounds like you’re in good hands then.

    If you can afford to pay the extra then my view is in ten, fifteen years you might be really glad of the extra power your system generates.

    The LG 300 is a very cost effective option. Not as expensive as the BenQ’s or Sunpowers but generating more power than the usual 250 panels. We’ve used them a lot on smaller roofs, especially mid terraced ones.

    Maybe your final decision will be about aesthetics then, because like you said, “Canadian look the best panel. Nice square block on the roof too.”

    25-30 years is a long time to look at them on your home.

    Welcome to solar panelled century.

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    Jamie Clarke – Firehawk

    Hello, I can only assume that you have already installed your system. If not, I would highly recommend that you opt for the Solarworld panels. For me, they are the outstanding panel available on the market. Personally, I wouldn’t use any of the inverters you have mentioned. For the £7,000 you mentioned, you can have a Solarworld system with either a solarworld / SMA inverter or even Enphase Microinverters! Also, if you choose to use a Solarworld certified partner, your system will also have a unique 5-year insurance on top of your manufacturer’s warranties.


    If you have already chosen a system, good luck with it. I would be interested to know your final decision?


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