PV solar tariff enquiry

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      Andrew Snowdon

      I already have a 4kw system on a high feedin tariff.
      1) Can you generate via a separate generation meter or does current system effectively prevent expansion, even if completely separate solar system, by losing old feedin tariff (10times better than new feedin benefits).

      2) If you install new solar must you change your meter ( I dont wish to as better than modern meters).

      3)can you add solar without affecting existing feedin on existing pv system if not grid linked (battery or car only).

      4) do you get pv feedin tariffs if you add to a commercial building such as a holiday let even if it ultimately shares a meter.

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      Hi Andrew

      Going to be perfectly honest here, I don’t know if you can have two separate systems running independently from each other, but exporting out through the same system?

      I’d ring up Octopus Energy as a producer to make a general enquiry. Please let me know the answer here.

      Commercial or managed buildings, installers can’t install unless the property owner is purchasing and keeping ownership.

      Yes, you can do a smaller off-grid with battery set-up, ‘type of installation’. These getting popular with garage, garden offices, boats etc. https://www.powermyhome.uk/diy-solar-panels/pv-solar-panels.php

      Most modern PV installs come with apps to display generation data. As long as your wishing to forgo that tech, then yes, you can keep your existing meter if you specify with the installer.

      Hope this helps.


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