Getting the best out of PV solar panels

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      Richard DeHavillande

      I have just had solar panels fitted and can see from the generation meter how much is being produced and can also check to see if any excess has been used to heat the water but I wondered if there is any additional system that would show what is being generated and what is being consumed at any point so that I would know if it was a good time to use the washing machine or tumble dryer etc. If it then showed that I was using less than 50% of energy produced would it be possible to retrofit an export meter?

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      When PV solar panels are installed, installers usually put in two meters. One measures the total amount of electricity generated. The other measures the amount exported for the feed-in tariff.

      Think this is what you looking for:

      Pre-feed-in tariff PV adopters use the old skool method of looking out of the window and putting on the washing machine etc while the sun shines too.

      Hope this helps.

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