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      Tony Holden

      Dear Stuart
      I have read your text on Fracking and nuclear and media control! I’d like to say it’s true 100%. I have been on the reviving end of the Fracking debate for some 5years and nearly bankrupt my business organising meetings for local farmers, insurances etc and having the UKs and EUs tenical advisor talk on Fracking and it’s effects. The media is bought! the industry lies without consiquence! So having educated my self on Fracking the truth will be damage to the tourism sector, public health and of course farming. So I’ve taken the decision to move my family to Devon leaving our home as I can’t sell it! Giving up my business of 16 years to keep them safe from the effects of Fracking. I am now back in Lancashire trying to sort house finish jobs and then join my family and find work asap. The biggest Fracking pad in the world has been built and itd been drilled at PNR. Caudrilla aims for 60 wells per pad in full production and 100 of these pads in the fylde.

      16 wells per pad was the biggest!

      Kindest regards Tony Holden

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      Hi Tony

      We live in a corporate-controlled world. Any government can be bought and paid for and that’s an issue down to its most basic level.

      When there so desperate to keep everyone suckling from the oil-stained teet, that they’re willing to potentially destroy the water tables (and potentially the business from ) the Las Vegas of Great Britain (Blackpool), you know they are so utterly desperate and the future of your energy bills are grim.

      And don’t even get me started on nuclear power stations built by Chinese engineers (a long history of the nuclear building – not), its just simply getting scary in the British energy industries.

      If the public REALLY knew the facts about fracking, they would bring the fracking-industry to a standstill like they did with the Fuel Protests of 2000.

      Sadly, the media control minds.

      Good Luck in Devon.


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