East and west roofing configuration, any good?

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      I think my roof is not south facing and I have read that you can install on an east and west roof.

      My question is, how will this affect output and is this any good or recommended?

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      Hi John

      This is a very common question and I suppose the answer depends on your motives to install solar panels.

      Many people do install on East/West roof orientations and are very happy with them. However, if your motive is simply financial and affordability is on the harder end of the scale, then I personally would not install on this type of roof.

      South South/East or South/West orientations are better for solar performance. You can check your roof space here:


      This is what an East/West installation looks like:

      East/West orientation solar panel installation

      Performance loss is around 20-30% less than a fully southern system. In the morning hours, your west facing panels won’t work and vice versa in the late afternoon. Both sections will perform well during the midday hours.

      If your motive is to just want to keep up with the Jone’s next door, then you’ll love this type of installation, but if you’re going to break the bank installing, then maybe I would look for alternative technology like a heat pump.

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