Does long term life mean long term servicing

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      Gary Smith

      I’m thinking of taking the gamble and fitting a solar photovoltaic installation before the FITS disappear. The cheapest quotes appear to be from companies that have only been in business for a couple of years and I don’t expect them to be here in a few years never mind during the 20 year warranty period. If my installation company disappears and were MCS and REAL registered and my system breaks down far into the future, or fails to produce what I was estimated in years to come, do I have to pay another company to check/repair or is this covered by the official accreditations.

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      Stuart Lovatt


      Nine times out of ten if a pv solar system fails it will fail very early after the installation and is the faulty of the inverter.

      The solar industry has grown very quickly over the last couple of years and yes there are many new companies. As a result, government regulations have addressed of the most technical issues through rigorous standards.

      My best advice is get three quotes, make sure the companies are REAL assured and MCS accredited. Check any facts given and were possible use a company that has a few years experience under its belt.


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