How often should I be cleaning my solar panels?

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      Can anybody tell me anything about cleaning the panels once they have been installed?

      How often do you clean them?
      What do you use to clean them, etc?

      I did read elsewhere, you lose a percentage of input energy if they are dirty, any ideas please?

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      Sally, panels are self cleaning it rains that often should just clean themselves. I have come across one problem in all my years and that was when we had the volcanic ash a few years ago.
      The cleaner the better the panel will work.

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      Hi Sally

      Have a read of this. Its from the REC website. Its their quick guide to cleaning panels to ensure best performance.

      Hope it helps.

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      Solar Stu

      This image shows the lengths investors go, to keep their investment producing at full performance:

      When the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity were only guaranteed to work for 90 days, because they thought the solar panels would be affected by Martian dust. This shows that even NASA knows that dirt and dust on panels affects performance.

      Luckily for interplanetary knowledge, the Martian weather kept the dust to a minimum, but does show that keeping the panels clean does increase output.


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