Can I remove the panels to re-install to a new property?

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      We’ve recently had a quote for panels to go on the front of the house. We also stated that we wouldn’t be staying at this house he said they would remove panels to new house free of charge, we don’t know what to do should we wait till we move and then re-look at our options?

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      If you move house and take your panels with you then you CANNOT re-apply for the FIT scheme as your system would be considered second hand.

      If it were me and there was a possibility of moving within say 5 years I’d think long and hard about fitting panels as essentially I would be doing it for the benefit of the new owners.

      There is the argument that PV adds to the value of your property and you could add the cost of the installation to the sales price. But that’s an area for estate agents to advise on.

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      Stuart Lovatt

      Sounds like a case of an over enthusiast salesperson making extraordinary promises to boost that commission cheque to me.

      I doubt very much his boss knows anything about it, especially on a property that you haven’t even bought yet and so the ability to do such a thing is yet unknown.

      I have heard some BS from sales people, but this one has to be the best yet.

      If you do sell your house and take your panels with you then you cannot reapply for the Feed In Tariff as your system would be deemed to be a second hand system and therefore not eligible. The incentive can be transferred to the new owners, making it a great incentive to buy your property (maybe at a higher price than without the installation).

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      What happens if I move home? If you take your Microgeneration system with you, you will lose the right to FIT payments for that installation. If the installation remains at the property the new owner/occupier will be able to transfer the FIT payments into their name (see section What happens if I buy a property with FIT technology?) The transfer of your FIT Installation will need to be agreed as part of the sale of your home.

      An extract from Scottish Power website for everyone benefit as it seems the wrong info was given to a potential solar customer. Clearly states FIT right will be lost if you move house. The new owner will benefit if the panels stay at the property. If you take them with you you cannot reapply.


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