Assured by MCS IWA and RECC?

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      I’m thinking of taking the gamble and fitting solar pv before the FIT incentive is removed. The cheapest quotes appear to be from companies that have only been in business for a year and I don’t expect them to be here in a few years never mind the 10 year warranty period. If the company disappears and were MCS IWA and REAL registered and my system breaks down, or fails to produce what I was estimated in years to come do I have to pay another company to check/repair or is this covered in the accreditations?

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      Firstly, let me assure you that installing a PV system is not a gamble. The industry is very well regulated and the technology is well proven to be a good investment as roof tops up and down the country now show.

      The MCS is a mandatory accreditation that both technology manufacturers and installers have to adhere to to operate in the UK. This shows consumers that they have a minimum competency and standards in terms of manufacture and installation process.

      IWA is a deposit protection and guarantee insurance.

      REAL is a voluntary consumer code run by the Renewable Energy Association. Any installer worth their salt will be a member, and it makes sure that consumers are dealt with in a responsible manner throughout the sales and installation process.

      I wouldn’t give the time of day to any solar company without this accreditation.

      Welcome to the solar panelled century.

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      The handover pack should include the following information once the solar PV system has been completed, commissioned and MCS certificate issued.

      MCS Certificate.
      FIT application.
      Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
      Roof Calculation for snow and wind loadings.
      Copy of circuit diagram which includes the inverter settings.
      Solar panel data sheet.
      Solar panel serial numbers
      DC Test results and panel tests.
      A declaration that the system complies with current regulations
      Electrical Installation certificate
      All manufacturers brochures, etc.
      RECC Installer feedback form.
      Other items that will arrive in the post from your Local Building Control.

      If you don’t receive all the above paperwork don’t pay for the system until you do get them.

      If your MCS installer is an NICEIC installer, use their online certificate checker to make sure they have registered the work which they have done.

      There are good installers out there you just need to find them and here is the best place to start.

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