Any idea about costs?

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      Any idea how much it would cost for 4kw sunpower system with good inverter south facing.I live in south wales.

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      A normal a 4 KW system is made up of 16 of 250-watt panels.

      A 4 kW solar panel system with a top-rated panel and ENPHASE microinverters should cost around the £7000 mark. There are many decent, good quality installation companies in your area which will quote you around that price.

      This is an example of a typically installed system in the United Kingdom, but prices vary with many of solar companies overcharging, so always get three quotes.

      You can start by using our own ‘get a quote’ service at:

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      I have three more quotes this week and keen to progress next week, however I need advice on, which means to avoid to get a great system at a great price. HELP!

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      My advice would be to stick to a good named panel and European Inverter which should be installed sub £6K and based on your SAP figures and assuming 50% electricity usage you should be returning around 15% i.e. £800 – £900 per year.

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      you should be looking around the £6k mark for a quality system – My preference is LG and Hyundai who are both going to be here for the long term and have excellent ‘low light’ panels. A hight quality European Inverter is always my preferred option.

      The Guarantee issue is I believe quite important. All MCS accredited Installers must under RECC rules offer an Insurance Backed Guarantee – However they give installers the option to offer 5 years. You will find that most reputable installers will offer 10 years.

      In real terms this business is always going to be governed by Political will and to be honest the FIT may not be here in say 7 years and this will lead to many installers leaving the business so it is vitally important that alongside getting all your product guarantees registered you also get an independent 3rd party insurance backed guarantee.

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