4 quotes for 4 different solar panel systems

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      We have 20.45 msq, south facing roof, with less than 1 factor for shading. Calculation of our annual consumption is around 2500 KWh pa. 4 quotes and completly confused.
      Project Solar UK – 10 Sunpower panels, Afore inverter and Voltage optimiser – £8,200
      EEC – 12 Delsolar 250W Multichrystalline panels with Omnik 3000TL inverter, no voltage optimiser – £6,000
      Forever Green – 12 833 Gallium 250W mono panels, Sunrous HT inverter no voltage optimiser £5550
      Greenday Renewables – 12 Sunmodule mono 250W panels, SolarRiver 3000TL inverter no voltage optimiser – £5789

      On a few days online research, we are thinking the 833 + Sunrous inverter are the best for us, not because it is the cheapest – we would rather pay for the best we can afford. Have checked MCS and RECC companies and all registered.

      Any guidance , thoughts would be gratefully received

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      If I was installing a new photovoltaic system to my home, then it would be Gallium panels all the way with an a voltage optimiser which I would source and install separately.

      You can source PowerRouter optimisers from: http://powerrouter.com

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      Hi Tanja

      If there a Tier 1 Panel called EC Solar its a Bankable panel. And the factory was like an operating room, As we do regular trips out there.

      We tested this panel against Solar world and the EC Solar panel and the EC panel will out perform the Solarworld panel in UK conditions and Tested at Warwick University.

      So the answer is if its a Tier 1 panel you should be in safe hands.

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      A good quality photovoltaic panel system installed by a local company with low overheads should cost between £5500 and £6000. No more.

      Why not use this site to get some quotes. Just hit the “Installer Quotes” button. Stuart that runs this site will only send you details of companies he trusts to give you a great deal.

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      Thomas Mifsud

      Don’t buy Sunrous or T-Sol inverters. Most of them fail and these Chinese companies do not honor their warranties. Feel free to write to me thomas@solarguat.com

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      Rick Penney

      Yes, you are right, I have found that Sunrous Inverters are not reliable 3 out of 5 have failed and any help from their company in China is poor and slow, the output FETS die ‘ they were kind to replace one with their new 5kw model with much better cooling, but it died too, because a nut from production was screwed down under the PCB and shorted the output board ‘ these guys have cost me a lot of $$$$ I have Changed to SMA Sunyboy and had no’ problems.

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      If you have signed up to a deal with solar company and now found out you are paying too much or you found out you’re not getting a good deal, remember you have 14 days to cancel.

      If its a finance deal, then its 14 days from the day you receive the finance documents from the finance company. Its not 14 days from the day you signed the agreement with the salesman.

      There are loads of decent local installers here that would be happy to quote you happy.

      Just phone the 0800 number at the top of this page to get a better deal.


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