The UK’s PV solar installations

The UK reached a million confirmed PV solar panel installations.

PV solar panel costs and prices.

Will you benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime purchase?

You can be lucky enough to be installing solar panels at this appropriate time.

Throughout my decades of working with solar technologies, I’ve always preached sooner, rather than later.

Never has this been so true as it is right now!

The planets aligned for a million households to benefit from a PV system.

Ironically, the more time passes, the more reasons to adopt become evident!

They strive to export rather than import will be the driving force for future installations.

I’ve spoken to many householders who installed PV solar panels way before their current popularity, and the consensus is they’re glad to have been self-generating over all these decades.

Those who have installed sooner receive the most benefits.

The popularity of solar technology has grown in line with rising traditional energy costs.

PV solar installations will inevitably continue to rise as energy costs rise too.

This same trend between take-up and energy costs is no accident.

PV costs have halved over the last two decades, which helped installation figures.

Installing PV solar panels now is a unique window in time.

All good things come to an end, and cheap solar technology may be no exception.

The cost of heating and powering homes will double by 2030.

Choosing to install today, before the madding crowds want them suddenly and unexpectedly!

Additionally, China’s domination of the world markets may raise panel costs:

Firstly, they control 90% of the rare-earth minerals, needed for manufacturing.

Secondly, Chinese state-subsidised manufacturing flooded the global markets with ultra-cheap PV panels to put Western manufacturers out of business.

The European Union implemented ‘anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese manufactured panels in response.

This window of opportunity for cheaper panels may be closing – I digress.

The UK’s fledgling PV solar panel industry is today world-leading and grown stronger with every installation.

Installing PV solar panels today will be the best purchase you’ll make this decade.

Benefit from a steady, long-term, and guaranteed income stream at better rates than most bank accounts. Self-generation is now becoming a necessity, not a luxury!

Sometimes in life, the planets align, and you discover a new sense of pride that installation days brings.

"A new era has begun."

Stuart Lovatt 2014-01-17