Independence for home energy

The coalition government’s latest ‘comprehensive energy review’ which held this week, came up with the one undoubtedly obvious conclusion.

New home energy generation with PV solar panels.

New home energy generation with PV solar panels.

That there was nothing that the last government could do, nor that this state or even the next government can do to stop our energy bills from rising.

Mr Cameron’s assessment of energy prices only confirmed that our great nation is powerless against global issues, including the overwhelming global demand for energy as the industrialised economies of China and India continue to grow.

This predicament is overshadowed alarmingly by the continued reduction of new oil field finds and the overstretching of existing areas. New investment into looking for new oil fields has been announced this week, with BP casting their the North Sea nets out further afield.

The government’s different and mixed signals were highlighted when the only positive advice to come out of the ‘energy review’ was to tell the British nation to insulate their homes and shop around for the cheapest energy suppliers.

Stuart Lovatt, the founder of Heat my Home adds “In this new age of fuel poverty and escalating energy prices from foreign-owned suppliers, it is time for those people who can afford to do so to think independently about generating their power.

81% of people who install technologies such as solar panels do it for energy reasons nowadays. ”

To those who have been following our website, this should not come as any surprise, but what should also be of concern is the diversion of funds away from ‘alternative energy sources’ like solar panels and wind turbines to ‘road-building projects’ which encourage people to burn fuel rather than conserve it.

Reducing dependence on oil and gas-based energy is what every country in the world right now is attempting to do, and independence from costly and environmentally damaging energy forms is essential, not only on a national basis but a global scale too. Governments around the world are investing in renewable technologies to insulate their people from the inevitable ‘energy crunch’ as predicted by Richard Branson and many other corporate names.

The United Kingdom currently is 25th in a table of 27 global investors of green technologies; however the incentive for most of the world’s governments is not for environmental reasons, but to reduce dependence on a finite resource.

As the North Sea field’s output decreases year after year, the fear for many is that BP’s new oil finding ventures will fall short.

Many see this latest exploration as ‘scraping the North Sea barrel’, and failure to find more oil supplies could put the United Kingdom in a very vulnerable position if we don’t also drastically change the way we produce and use energy over the coming few years.

The world’s countries are racing towards a less energy-dependent future and our government’s ‘energy review’ has indicated that we should all try to be less dependent where energy is concerned.

Think independently-think solar panels and invest in your tomorrow today.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2011-10-25
Founder of Power My Home.