Things I’ve learned on my journey

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Dear son.

Being human today is difficult.

To be human means making mistakes. We’ve all made mistakes, and some don’t even know that they’ve made them yet, but being a grown-up means assessing and adjusting to new information.

13,000-year old Gobekli Tepe - The human story is far more fantastic than the history books have you believe.

13,000-year-old Gobekli Tepe – The human story is far more fantastic than the history books have you believe.

For better or worse, I had to acquire knowledge that some may deem as ‘basic stuff’ for myself.

Here for you, are some that I hope will help you avoid some of the knocks and scrapes of life and hopefully empower yourself to avoid the pitfalls that come with living in this modern world.

Knowledge is power.

1. Shave your armpits; less chance of body odour.

2. Avoid women who avoid spending their own money and who expect to be treated like a princess. They still have the mindset of an eight year old child. Find someone less narcissistic and expect only a fair-weather friendship with this type of lady.

3. Treat people how you would want to be treated yourself.

4. Before diagnosing yourself with depression, first, make sure you’re not surrounded by arseholes.

5. Constantly wearing leather shoes will give you a lifetime of foot problems.

6. Women prefer alpha over beta males. Yet, don’t be too alpha when in her presence. If you figure how that works, then you’re a better man than I am!

7. Walk tall and with confidence even when you feel small.

8. Eat well, moisturise and supplement, your older self with thank you for it.

9. Education and personal career development is a lifelong pursuit; again your older self will thank you.

10. Friends’ book is not your friend and not what you think it is!

11. Find your bliss, but work hard to get there. A job that you enjoy doing; won’t feel like work.

12. Appreciate the little things first and work your way up.

13. Exercise regularly and stretch.

14. Plan A – Find and know where to locate ‘the’ G Spot.

15. Don’t get sucked into getting the latest and the most fabulous advertised shiny thing – It’s all aimed at suckers.

16. If you feel stuck for an answer, a long walk within nature or climb a mountain and you’ll get your answer by the time you get down.

17. Plan B – Make sure she comes first.

18. If she doesn’t come, see Plan A.

19. Never underestimate the power of nature.

20. Did I mention to supplement, even the healthiest looking food nowadays are lacking in nutrients because of intensive modern farming methods, and don’t also get me started on pesticide use. Nutrient deficiencies cause mind (depression) and body problems. Mind and body are connected – It’s a cliche for a reason.

21. Cod liver oil capsules make you smarter.

22. Cod liver oil took me all the way to Rome, Vlad the Impaler’s Castle in Transylvania and Barcelona to name only the best. Journey’s I never thought would be possible when I was younger. Never give up on your endeavours, it took me decades of continued learning and hard work to achieve this.

23. Always have a side project on the go to exercise the mind.

24. Gambling is for mugs.

25. Bullies are passing on the sadness they feel inside. Continue to keep probing and poking at that sorrow with questions, and they will soon find another victim.

26. Avoid Fructose Corn Syrup, Modified Corn Starch or whatever they call it nowadays. It’s so harmful; food manufacturers have to keep changing its name to confuse people.

27. If a woman goes off topic in an argument, then you’ve won the said argument, and that’s the best outcome you can hope.

28. Newspapers, especially red tops are aimed at impressionable people.

29. TV is not your friend. Its called programming for a reason.

30. It’s better to strive to improve what you already have than to continually wish you have a better one.

31. Never skimp on dentistry, your teeth and gums are the quickest way to bad health.

32. Never depend on others to make you happy. Find your bliss and additional happiness from others will be a bonus.

33. Don’t get sucked into spending all your money at Xmas. You can be a generous person the rest of the year with those that matter without going bankrupt once a year.

34. A doctor’s practice is called ‘a practice’ for a reason and just used as dispensing outlets for a pharmaceutical industry that refuse to cure anything and see you as nothing more than a cash cow.

35. Most modern ill health is down to lifestyle and nutritional deficiencies. Did I mention supplement with 90 essential elements? It’s expensive, but cheaper than BUPA.

36. Vote. Your generation has been screwed over by the older generation because you’re all distracted by social media. You’ve got the ‘Library of Alexandria’ (Google it) at your fingertips. Use it to empower yourself.

37. The human story is far more fantastic than the history books would have you believe. Begin your research at Gobekli Tepe and so anyone doing a history degree today should be asking for their money back.

38. Those who drive fancy cars didn’t necessarily earn them and had more significant worries than those who don’t – further to fall and they know it.

39. Mind and body are connected, so feed both.

40. Fluoride toothpaste is rubbish, use a salt-based paste. Fluoride was used as a rat poison before introduced as toothpaste ingredient.

50. Avoid credit cards and payday loans like the plague. We’re now living in an era of debt-based slavery.

51. Judge people not by what they say, but what they do.

52. Factor 50 because the sun is far, far more powerful than we’re led to believe. That’s why I have dedicated my life to solar panels and its ability to advance the human species.

53. Treat social media posts like a tattoo – something you wouldn’t be embarrassed showing your new boss in 20 years time.

54. A lifetime of free self-learning is worth far more than three indebted years at university.

55. Celebrity worship is a waste of your life and potential.

56. The most significant gift you can give someone is your time.

57. A well-groomed man turns heads.

58. White and processed foods are crap. Eat your greens.

59. Be charitable when money or time is abundant, but don’t be a sucker either.

60. Learn self-defence.

61. Feeling depressed. Antidepressants are poison for the mind and over-prescribed because they are great profit earners. Human life is hard – period, and it’s normal to feel emotions good and bad. Don’t lose your mind to these parasitical pharmaceutical companies.

Find a focus and something to be passionate about instead of zombie-frying yourself.

Life is about overcoming.


My experiences may be different to yours, so these may not apply to everyone, but I’m sure we can all agree that cutting through the bullshit of modern life, will hopefully empower the next generation to finally take the human race back to its rightful place among the stars.

Be noble and confront your weaknesses.

A very proud dad.

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  1. Solar Stu says:

    61. A southerly facing window in your living space is essential for mental health well being. A lack of natural light in the home is probably the biggest cause of antidepressant use in today’s pill popping world.


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