Why buy PV solar panels in the UK?

They’ll be knocking down our doors to get hold of photovoltaics!

Why buy PV solar panels in the UK?

Not got PV solar panels installed yet?

Here’s a little help to adopt PV.

Human history is littered with mistakes and bad decisions.

Ignoring the true-scale of the UK’s energy problems, prove this hypothesis correct.

We’re currently living through a period of denial.

Just like people living before The Great Wars, the signs were everywhere!

A real modern-day energy crunch is beckoning.

Similar to Prime Minister Chamberlain’s assurance from Hitler in 1939, we get the same assurances today with energy Switch Sites.

The vast majority of the population still believe the Switch Site hype!

If the Saudis invested 100 billion pounds in PV solar panel technologies to make their kingdom self-sufficient, then how big do you want the signs to be?

The only question is, how much energy expenditure is too much?

Will other problems like Egypt’s political and Suez canal problems cause potential supply problems – a question now answered?

Even Richard Branson has been warning us of an energy crunch.

People are preparing with self-generation technologies and cushioning themselves.

Learning from history comes hard for human beings.

Even during the last 150 years when oil and gas were going through boom times, people have suffered through small glitches in the supply chain.

PV solar panels are people learning from the past and looking to the future.

The golden age of cheap energy is over!

Pricing tremors of future problems lie ahead, and that’s why people buy PV solar panels in the UK.

British Gas published predictions of £2-3,000 annual energy costs for the average family by 2025.

The writings so clearly on the wall!

Most people will only take action once forced to do so, and this will cause a floodgate of demand!

A nation demanding PV solar panels and overwhelming installers will create supply chain problems.

I will then make my prediction for the next decade.

A future where the ‘haves and the have not’s are defined not by what electric car is parked outside, but if your home has solar panels on the roof.

As a person who was taught to “be prepared” by the scouts association, it now makes sense to install PV solar panels today.

Stuart Lovatt 2013-07-11