The Wizard of Oz and PV solar panels

British Gas and others have raised energy prices by up to 5.5% on top of the last 15 years of rises.

The wizard of Oz and his shoe shine boy.

The Wizard of Oz and his shoe shine boy.

How far down that costly yellow brick road are you going to continue before you consider PV solar panels (photovoltaic) and the change in direction for humanity they represent?

Western culture has become nothing more than a 13-year-old girl’s fantasy – Jordan Peterson.

Tyrants take full advantage of such a level of naivety.

When every western President, Prime Minister or future King has finished celebrating their first day on the job, they receive a ‘who’s the real boss’ phone call.

Donald “drain the swamp” Trump has received such a phone call and who now continues to beat the war drums to bring-to-heal the last remaining countries, not under control of the Rothschild banking system.

Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria and before them Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

This artificial reality projected through the five most prominent media corporations controlling the narrative for national TV, newspapers and mainstream radio who paint a pretty, but unrepresented picture of the world.

The Boris brand of nationalism is nothing more than a media-driven mirage.

Recognising the Truman Show (True Man) we all live in is the first step towards freedom.

Even Hollywood mocks our collective naivety.

To build for the 21st-century, we must first recognise the rot of the last century.

Indoctrination of the masses by a banking cartel that aims to enslave the entire human family via global, national and personal debt is the real enemy here on planet Earth.

Social cohesion is breaking down on every level, and the curtain is falling to reveal a sad old man pulling levers and desperately trying to remain in control because their Nazi-learned propaganda machine doesn’t seem to work as it once did.

The aim to have every future generation of a human being, cradle to grave dependant on pharmaceuticals is close to fruition. There aim to control the narrative through the internet is the battleground today.

Internet censorship is today’s book-burning – Achtung!

The ultimate issue of our time is corporate control of the worlds seed markets in favour of US corporate-controlled GM (genetically-modified) crap is currently something Russia is vehemently opposing feeding its population.

Funny how you never hear the other side of this story or hear Mr Putin speak.

Always two sides to a story.

We’re the aggressors time after time, yet the controlled media narrative projects us as the heroes.

These tyrants who want to impose mandatory (autism causing) vaccines on every human being (Ca-Ching) were the same propaganda machine that told us for half a century that global-wide oil-burning does not affect the Earth’s climate.

Today, a climactic breakdown of the gulf stream is getting closer with each and every car journey.

These people held back technological progress (and continue to do so today) in favour of keeping us all locked into their ‘central-controlled’ fossil fuel cartel.

These same people told you solar panels couldn’t change the world – they can.

They have been terrified of the power of PV being unleashed since the 1970s and did everything in they’re power to hold onto their energy monopoly. Only China’s rise to global dominance and Germany’s anti-nuclear power stance – has allowed PV to break free.

Stop pretending we’re not living in Oz and recognise that the shop dressing we call national and royal sovereignty is nothing more than a US media-driven illusion.

Kingdoms get to a terrible place one small step at a time.

Real courage, strong heart and sharp brains

Purple chocolate was the closest I could get to paradise growing-up in the 1970s.

Today, I teach children to avoid purple chocolate. Purple chocolate is the poster child for food becoming weaponised against us.

The pyramid of corporate food, privatised health insurance and pharmaceutical industries all working together to cash-in on your ill health.

Stupidly, I had a moment of self-doubted and succumbed to a chocolate craving and eat some of the ‘intended to be binned’ chocolate. I spent the rest of the evening trying to remove a chemical-like aftertaste from my mouth.

Not the purple chocolate I knew and loved growing up!

This Frankenstein chocolate is a prime example of the contempt that corporate culture has for people. Pushing this stuff onto kids to acclimatise them too they’re suspicious ingredients.

I do not doubt that The Sugar-Tax is all about substituting sugar for questionable chemical sweeteners on an industry-wide scale while allowing the government to cash-in too.

These people work alongside the corporate cartel (Bilderbergers) who aim to sell you poison in your food and then the medicine that only treats the symptoms while creating new problems to address.

95% of modern-day illness is a cause of lifestyle, nutritional, mineral deficiencies and digestion problems caused by Wheat, Oats and Rye being a large part of the western diet. No profit to be made in that easy to remedy fact.

The pharmaceutical industry would collapse if that ever became mainstream knowledge.

Life is about surveying the landscape and adapting to new information, and that’s why it’s important to know that it’s all lies from the cradle to the grave and we must teach the next generation about the detrimental changes made since our own childhoods.

We lie about Santa; they lie about history, they lied about the climate, educate and teach nothing of value, they weave a web of lies and spin a false reality, a news cycle designed to instil fear and glamourise spy technologies to infiltrate our most private of spaces.

Hear the term ‘think-tank’ and know your unelected overlords have decided.

Yesteryear, those would have been the utterings of a crazy Tin Man – not today!

Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither.

Interestingly, the Wizard of Oz has already worked out how to introduce ‘microchipping’ into the human population’. A Bilderbergers wet dream and the ultimate in dehumanisation.

Carry your medical records around with you – just in case. It’ll be as easy to convince them as was putting the listening devices in their homes. Spyware technology in your doorbell to allow agencies to know who visits your home is coming too.

Mission creep towards 1984 on nanotech steroids.

How far down the yellow brick road do you want to take your family?

Perpetual war, a perpetual fear and constant climbing costs of heating and powering our homes or a new direction away from this (potholed) yellow brick road we see today?

A PV-powered nation is a nation with heart, courage and brains to face a real independent future.

It only took 10% of the German population to tip the Nazi’s into power and will only take 10% of the housing stock to adopt PV to positively change our nation. Today’s British Gas price rise should be just another indicator of the failure of the current system.

To sacrifice ourselves when some person or organisation demands more from us, consistently than is offered in return. That means you are supporting tyranny and allowing ourselves to be treated as slaves – Jordan Peterson.

Kings and queens have been puppet monarchs since Roman Britain (excluding Henry of course), so Brexiteers, please stop pretending that your ‘taking back our sovereignty’.

Respect is not something you’re born into, its earned by confronting your fears Mr Charles Windsor.

Still, time to put King Charles the Third in a keystone position within history.

Nearly a million (and rising) household army of PV-pioneers stands with you.

Time to earn your title of Your Highness – Your Highness.

There’s no place like a PV-powered home.
There’s no place like a PV-powered home.
There’s no place like a PV-powered home.

"Welcome to the solar century."

Stuart Lovatt 2018-04-10