Sunshine for PV solar panels in the UK

PV solar panel installations have always been used by environmentally conscious people to live a more eco lifestyle than others but are now becoming a mainstream technology.

The PV solar panel apocalypse in the UK between 2012 and 2018.However, these days the solar panel industry has matured, the technology has evolved to squeeze more energy from the sun.

Nowadays, you are more likely to see a solar installation in a retired couple’s home than that of environmentalists.

Stuart Lovatt, the founder of Power My Home, which promotes, the use of solar panels says “The demographic of people installing solar panels has changed from the art titled green consumer to anyone, anywhere.

As our country slowly wakes up to the fact that energy, in general, will come at a premium cost in the future. Thus the investment in solar panels has become a no brainier a longer-term view is applied.”

PV solar panel incentives

In addition to high energy price factors are the new government backed incentive schemes, which have come into play over the last few months.

Solar panels separate into two main categories:

  • Solar heating solar systems
  • PV electric solar systems

Both solar technologies have government incentives, which are aimed, at rewarding the earlier up takers of solar the most. These incentives are known as feed-in tariffs (FITS) and will run over the coming years, but, please be aware the longer you leave it, the less you will receive as these schemes are designed to degrade over time.

The current 15.44 pence feed-in tariff for PV electricity, solar panels, which will currently give you to install your solar system within the next three years.

This amount refers to the, per unit or KW you will receive for generating your power, even if you use it or not. This incentive gives you over the next 20 years which currently makes the financial rewards a no-brainer.

An alternative is the new Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme for solar heating installations which will also give you a generous 18p per unit you produce the heat to your hot water tank.

The more heat you produce through solar panels means, the less energy you will take from the National Grid, thus reducing your bills and getting rewarded for generating with solar instead of conventional fossil fuels.

Why would our cash-strapped government be doing this, I hear you cry? Simply put, our government has binding legal obligations to reduce our countries CO2 emissions.

This type of scheme has been very successful in Germany and Spain, introducing solar and other renewable technologies during the last 15 years. The system is being rolled out across most of Europe to tackle domestic energy usage.

I am glad the British public is finally waking up to the benefits of solar panels. The incentives are a great way of getting the snowball effect started.

I would reiterate that it is advisable to install today rather than tomorrow because once the snowball starts rolling on its own, the rewards mentioned above will quickly be reduced or disappear.

"Real energy freedom."

Stuart Lovatt 2010-08-25
Founder of Power My Home.