Our planet under attack

By writing this statement, I will cause people to feel strong emotions; some will feel despair, some anger and some confusion, but whatever they feel, they will unquestionably feel something!

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“We, as members of our modern society, have been duped, tricked or brainwashed into believing that global warming does not exist, by corporations and big businesses whose only interests are to get us to consume more tobacco, oil, anything which makes them a huge profit.”

For 15 years, these establishments have spent billions drip-feeding us misinformation to protect their core business interests at the expense of our home planet.

We are crossing the line which we shouldn’t pass on critical measures of planetary health such as biodiversity loss, ocean acidification, nitrogen cycle, greenhouse gases and deforestation, so few can benefit at the expense of the many.

First of all, let me make one thing clear. I would love every person in the world to live in a semi-detached home with a sports car in the drive– yes, everyone. Common sense dictates, however, that to be able to achieve this without running out of resources or polluting the atmosphere, we would have to live on a planet the size of Jupiter.
Even then, I think that given enough time, we as a species would outgrow and destroy that planet too.

The next stage of this collective brainwashing is to say that the extreme weather events are now becoming a reality, far more numerous and predicted long ago by climate scientists and environmentalists, is to say:

“The weather events we are seeing are new in our experience, but they are normal”.

New but normal! Think about that for a moment. This situation means that we are now being told, “Yes, your predictions were correct, but these events are normal”.

Translate this as:

“We were wrong when we said global warming does not exist, but it’s here now, so we have to get used to it.”

To any loyal newspaper reader who has been told by their favourite read that global warming is a scam over the last 15 years, this should make their blood boil.

To any parent who trusts the government to give them the correct information on such an important issue, this should make them angry, or to anyone who believes the government to be honest and concise and now feels let down, then the motivation for change should be a rallying cry.

We have all been told not to worry, sold green-washed products but most importantly been drip-fed lies by our leaders, our governments and corporations who pretended to have our best interests at heart.

A few greedy individuals have set in motion gradual but inevitable environmental destruction which will affect not only us today, but people of tomorrow, your children, your grandchildren.

At a time when we should have been mobilising change and decarbonising the world on a World War 2 sized scale, these few individuals are paying billions of pounds to confuse, to protect and benefit from their assets. These oil companies, coal companies, airlines and manufacturers, to name a few examples, are causing untold damage to the biosphere, biodiversity and our children’s futures.

The reality of a world with more drought, less food, less water and more people is here: more major storm events, less sea ice, less oil, causing oil exploration and Arctic oil spills.

As more hurricanes destroy our homes and more trees are cut down to rebuild them, we are all now on a path of positive environmental feedback, and that’s not a good thing. Humanity is far travelling down a cul-de-sac of despair, and all because we didn’t act in time.

The reality is just like tobacco advertising over the last 60 years. We have all been duped, sold a false dream by people and governments with nothing but self-interest.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2011-09-12