The dragon is cunning and dangerous

A wise man once said, Leave the dragon to sleep, for once it has awoken, it will crush us all. There is a transition in progress that we in the west are only just waking up too.

Should have let the dragon sleep.

Should have let the dragon sleep.

This transition began 15 years ago, and in such a short time, we (The UK, Europe and America) have suckered them into transferring our prosperous economies, as a gullible pensioner sweet-talked into transferring their life savings in the guise of benefiting their grandchildren.

The promise of cheaper goods for our old economies was too good an opportunity. For a while, the western economies thought, we were the ones taking advantage of the new younger upstarts.

Like any good con or deception, the old marks were driven by the rewards. How much money they could make and how they were going to spend the profits. The con was on, and the western economies, blinded by greed, began transferring their savings factory by factory over to Asia.

So with hindsight and our wealth-generating manufacturing now belonging to China, our arthritic economy and sense of “what the hell happened”, our life savings, our children’s and grand children’s future inheritance have gone forever.

How can we tell the next generation, how can we look them in the eye, knowing what we have done, how could we have had 150 years of our ancestor’s toil, sweat and even blood, conned away from us as we were as children?

Like any other victim of a con, our politicians will never admit it; our business elite will not talk about it, denial will continue and acceptance that our weary, old economies may not have been as smart as it once was.

This situation would never have happened in the past; our proud Victorian forebears must be turning in their graves, knowing how we have squandered their hard gotten offerings.

This once proud economy, the same economy that gave Hitler’s “the finger”, and struggled, for two decades to recover, has finally lost its principles, lost its edge. Is this the beginnings of economic dementia? How will we know if it is?

It is even more painful than they are using our wealth, that they so quickly took from us, to buy up our homeland, our properties, our last remaining profitable brands, are now being sold to them.

The dragon takes it all

The analogy I used of the gullible old, cleverly manipulated old pensioner, conned out of their only means to generate money, and thus leave no legacy to the next generation is poignant on so many levels.

Whether the Chinese cunningly planned the takeover of our wealth creation, we will never know, but orchestrated or not, the west now has to come to terms with the consequences of its greed-driven actions.

As you read this, the Chinese state-sponsored companies are buying up resources and becoming friends with the people we once mistreated over the last 150 years. They are cleverly securing the future for themselves, while we in the western economies scratch our heads and still wonder what’s gone wrong.

The fact of the matter is, the western economies took their eye off the ball through complacency, and this point must hurt American’s the most. A communist state played capitalism at its own game, and as they would say in the USA, we got spanked! They not only won but will continue to gain long into the 21st-century.

The Chinese are so severe about securing resources for themselves, and over such a long time-scale, that, within another decade, our western economies will be surviving off their scraps. For anyone who has seen real poverty outside of Europe, then you will have noticed that not even the elderly escape the begging bowl.

Our governments are already waving the begging bowl in China. Our young are already left destitute. How long will it be before our elderly are resigned to the same fate?

All our futures were allured away with the premise of a cheap toaster. Our economic woes cannot be fixed without our manufacturing back.

When our leaders rant and rave about the feckless unemployed or the unemployed youth of today, just remember, this current generation of business leaders and politicians are too ashamed to tell us the real truth.

The Chinese space program strategy is to gain air supremacy, a tactic as old as the human flight itself. Is the dragon now cunningly wrapping its tail around the most critical resource of them all, the last of the oil?

The Chinese dragon is as cunning, as it is dangerous. Have our leaders been conned using their capitalist greed against them?

Like I said, cunning and dangerous.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2012-07-06
Founder of Power My Home.