Challenge of global warming begins

Now that the last of the sceptics and opposing factions have been cleared away from the global warming debate, the long and hard journey ahead to correct the mistakes of the past and save the natural world will undoubtedly begin.

Fighting for a safer world.

Fighting for a safer world.

Well, you would think so wouldn’t you?

After 20 years of misinformation, doubt peddling and general muck spreading, the energy companies who prevent the world from acting decisively and quickly have, just like the bankers, not being held accountable for their reckless actions and propaganda.

Just like the bankers, self-interest and greed have prevented the world from acting on this ultimate issue, which will see trillions of dollars of damage caused by more violent weather patterns that predict the very beginning of the climate change debate.

Instead, just like the banking crisis, it will be ordinary people who foot the bill for global warming, through higher insurance premiums as chaotic weather patterns worldwide become the norm and the destructive power of nature begins to take its toll.

Freak and destructive, weather events are becoming the norm. Billions of people are already affected, and billions of more people will be, as we head out into the future.

If humankind does not act quickly, we’ll lock ourselves into a positive feedback loop with the destructive forces of nature. Habitats destroyed; we will then keep re-building and thus releasing more carbon into the atmosphere, which is the planetary equivalent of throwing petrol onto a fire. This road can only lead down a cul-de-sac.

People work best together when they have a common enemy. In this case, the enemy is not the natural environment itself, which is only responding to humanity’s destructive tendencies. The enemy is complacency.

In the 1930’s many people made the same mistakes about Nazi Germany, even right up to the last minute. It’s going to take a similar amount of global co-operation and fight against a common enemy to tackle humanity’s most significant challenge.

Where have we gone wrong?

Just like the Nazi movement, which was hunted down and made accountable for its propaganda and actions, so could this happen to the institutions and heads of companies who deliberately attempt to mislead.

This change causes damage socially or environmentally, as we have seen with the bankers and the energy companies over the last two decades?

Global companies must have a duty of care for social and environmental responsibility enforced globally.

Business lobbying and even payments for political influence must end. This is a prime reason that companies such as tobacco companies, for example, and environmentally destructive institutions can disrupt common sense and the greater good.

Maybe the world’s insurance companies should band together to bring to account energy companies’ misleading information resulting in humanity’s failure to act sooner.

I am suggesting just three small changes needed for a possible solution. There will be much more change are necessary to prevent humanity from travelling down the road of no return, both socially and environmentally.
Don’t keep your head in the sand.

Stuart Lovatt, the founder of Heat my Home continues “There seems to be an acceptance, or in some cases, a denial, that global warming is a bad thing. Living in the north of England, sometimes I wish we could have a Mediterranean climate here too. Hoping the issue at large will go away or somehow be of benefit to us would be a big mistake to make.

The Queen growing grapes to make wine in the United Kingdom sounds lovely, the reality would be somewhat different, as the place becomes a more arid place. You can believe that the numbers of refugees migrating north from drought-devastated regions in the south will be overwhelming. This change is already occurring.

The idea of the Arctic ice melting and allowing shipping through once uncharted territories sounds terrific, but the reality is different, as oil companies will begin to take advantage and exacerbate the acceleration of the environmental decline. This change is already occurring.

The world is changing around us and becoming more hostile to our civilisation, so we as a species must become opposed to any person or company that deliberately endangers our only home-Earth.

If someone were damaging the boat containing you and your children while in the middle of a vast ocean, you wouldn’t sit there and let him, would you?

This situation is why doing nothing is not an option. We are no longer fighting for the planet, but for a safer world.

The challenge of global warming begins.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2011-10-10
Founder of Power My Home.