The buzz about solar panels

Instead of paying high prices for power, generate your own with solar panels.

There's nothing more powerful than when PV solar technologies time has come.

This buzz about photovoltaics came when generation tariffs arrived last year.

The idea of solar panels to generate power can be a reality for homeworkers.

PV solar panels today are a thriving industry since we entered this crazy world.

Homeworkers are now understanding the financial benefits of solar panel technologies, including battery storage for your evening life.

The buzz of investing in solar panels is the generation tariffs, which allow the selling of excess power.

Savings on your energy bills will be a side effect.

The PV panel’s lifespan runs between thirty-forty years and an ideal opportunity for people looking for a sound long-term investment as banks offer next to zero returns.

Your energy supplier will pay you around 5.44 pence per kWh for each unit self-generated.

These new self-generation tools are designed to reward people for choosing a solar-powered home.

Most homeowners may never have any prior knowledge of solar panels other than mainstream rhetoric.

Power My Home was founded, to help people understand the options.

Modern solar installers are committed to the MCS accreditation and BRE building regulations.

These schemes mean all solar installation companies dedicate to standards that will protect you.

We help homeowners get trusted advice on PV solar panels without being subjected to hard-sell tactics and ensure high standards of service.

PV solar panels will generate heat and power for the vast majority of the year.

Today, solar panels are becoming more popular because of the advantages during these strange times.

"Feel the pride."

Stuart Lovatt 2011-07-02