PV solar panels are a great purchase

If you are pondering whether to install PV solar panels (photovoltaic), then this is the time to decide and maximise your investment.

There's nothing more powerful than when a PV's time has come.

There’s nothing more powerful than when PV’s time has come.

There are very few purchases in life which stay with you for three decades and even fewer which still benefit you, so unless you scoot down to the shops in a Austin Princess, then you will undoubtedly know what I mean.

The key to maximizing PV solar panels potential is to install early and receive the feed-in tariff while it’s still around.

The early bird catches the word and this has never been so true when discussing solar panels today.

Chancellor George Osborne was quick to dampen down the New Year celebrations and optimism with his “more cuts on the way in the year of hard truths” speech today and with his well-established anti-green agenda. This could mean bad news for households looking to install solar technology in the future.

The incentive began with the feed-in tariff incentive three years ago and since that time the costs of both solar heating and photovoltaic installations have dropped significantly, but as the pricing of such systems falls, so does the austerity government’s tolerance to fund them.

Tariff rates for the photovoltaic scheme have been scaled down many times since its inception, although only to account for the cost reductions in installing them.

However, I see Mr Osborne’s ‘year of hard truths’ as a warning shot across the bow of the solar panel industry, which has already seen many up’s and down’s since the austerity decade began.

The awakening to PV solar technology by ‘energy smart’ families has also become the incentive for the government to further reduce or remove the incentive altogether for newer adopters in the future. The temporary nature of these incentives has always been made clear and so a decision to install now will definitely be a wise one.

The longevity of solar technology will give you a lifelong partnership, unlike your long gone Ford Capri.

The solar panel technology awakening

Nobody is pretending solar panels are the worlds saving grace, but they will certainly make the slide down the wrong side of peak oil more comfortable and less expensive for families who adopt.

As energy costs become increasingly unaffordable to many, the sense of afford-ability is subjective, however, this blanket of un-afford-ability is creeping into more and more households and the situation is only going to get worse even to more middle-class households.

Looking forward to the new year and beyond, the need for reducing reliance on the growing expense of oil, gas and electricity in the home is paramount. That is why purchasing solar panels will be the best thing you buy, not only this decade but the following two as well.

The world is now awakening to the benefits of renewable energy, and very few of those people are mentioning green issues that solar technology is sun-ominous. The benefits are more financially and long-term preparing, but be quick with your decision because the incentives around today may not be around tomorrow after another year of Mr Osborne’s cuts and hard truths.

A happy new year and welcome to a smarter way to power and heat your home.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2014-01-06
Founder of Power My Home.