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I’ve found the holy grail

Monday, September 14th, 2015

“Thousands of years of searching, but today I can finally solve this mystery.”

I used to take the standard vitamins and iron supplements religiously, but I still felt like I needed two large cups of coffee in the mornings while still feeling fuzzy-headed mid-morning. Today, I can do my exercises BEFORE my morning coffee, and my mind feels sharper.

I used to take the standard vitamins and iron supplements religiously, but I still felt like I needed two large cups of coffee in the mornings while still feeling fuzzy-headed mid-morning. Today my mind feels sharper.

The holy grail is purported to be a vessel once containing the blood of Jesus. This tale was fabricated by the early Church to help convert pagans to Christianity. Most of the Christian customs actually originate from pagan backgrounds.

In fact, the actual ‘Holy Grail’ has nothing to do with a cup. The story was taken from thousands of years of oral-based stories from travellers who once encountered people on their Silk Road travel, living much longer and healthier lives than we did in Europe during those times. (more…)

Are solar panels in the UK worth it?

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

“The revolution will not be televised. The revolution is on the world’s rooftops as solar technology becomes a symbol of hope in a civilisation that is now beginning to fail due to its dependence on burning dead dinosaurs.”

They don't want you to generate your own power which makes solar technologies cool.

They don’t want you to generate your own power which makes solar technologies cool.

I regularly get asked whether solar panels are worth it, and I just reply that 600,000 homes in only the United Kingdom alone have them on their roofs.

Many installed solar panels to invest, but the vast majority of people I spoke to in the last decade, merely see trouble down the road for their children/grandchildren and want to invest in a better future.

These are planetary sized issues that “we are truly all in it together”. Solar savvy people are just taking matters into their own hands, and I would go further and declare solar panels as a symbol of calm while the world’s politicians continue to blunder their way through the 21st-century. (more…)

Earth’s magnetic changes and solar energy

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Strange sounds, atmospheric compression waves and magnetic anomalies reported around the world could mean we may be the first humans to witness a magnetic pole flip.

It’s no secret that the Earth’s magnetic poles flip from North to South and back again every 786,000 years, but what is a mystery is that governments around the world are genuinely concerned that our planet is showing signs of flipping as soon as this century.

What’s the most alarming is the strange sounds trumpeted around the world that some people have compared to the trumpets of the Archangel Gabriel from Revelations in the Bible – I digress. (more…)

Women behind the solar revolution

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

As a man raised by a headstrong woman and who has respect for other empowered women, even today within our industry, thus I would like to welcome Amanda Rudd to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The sun goddess Sunna from German mythology.

The sun goddess Sunna from German mythology.

Rudd has recently declared:

“We in the UK are leading the way in clean technology, innovation, creating new jobs and helping to power our economic recovery.”

I look forward to witnessing the power of a woman to help push the solar panel industry into its rightful place as the people’s technology of the 21st-century. (more…)

A game-changing week for solar panels

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Get them while they’re hot.

Indeed, its been a week of good and bad news for the solar panel industry.

Sunrise or sunset for the industry?

Sunrise or sunset for the industry?

From day one, I have always cautioned that the incentives available for solar panels were a window of opportunity and those smart enough to take advantage of the opportunity will be rewarded financially and self-righteously for decades to come.

The uptake of photovoltaic solar panels, in particular, has been steadily increasing year on year thanks in most part to the ‘Labour’ inspired feed-in tariff scheme. However, this new ‘Conservative’ led government is almost certainly going to sweep away the incentives currently on offer. (more…)

Vote solar panels and help us

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Let’s cut the crap! You cannot do anything economically without an affordable and long-term energy strategy. Every other electoral promise is just throwing sweets about like a clown at a child’s birthday party.

Fracking versus solar panels.

Fracking versus solar panels.

No deficit reduction, no NHS spending, no up-down or down-up wealth creation can occur if our energy supply isn’t properly secured.

Increased disposable income for the masses and thus a more resilient economy cannot occur while our nation is dependent on the big six energy companies. No amount of switching providers will change that fact.

In fact, the only reason the 1980s boomed was that of the considerable investment in the North Sea, but now a more permanent fix is required for our future energy requirements.

Fast forward thirty years and the short term-ism of that investment is now becoming apparent (ironically, less time than solar panel systems working life) and a fresher approach to unlocking household income from the uncertainty and volatility of global energy markets is now required. (more…)