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Fighting in solar panels and green energy’s corner

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Twelve years of shouting from the rooftops about solar panels have seen tears of joy, sadness and quite frankly, I have put my life on the line in this good fight.

Fighting for a solar-powered world.

Fighting for a solar-powered world.


Because a solar-powered civilisation is not only achievable; it’s necessary!

Today, we have secretive, global-wide geoengineering occuring because of forty years of deception to simply keep you blindly shopping.

And like national debt today, the ecological problems get kicked further down the road for later generations to deal with – we are that generation! (more…)

Reuniting Britain under a clean energy goal

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Nobody can tell you who’ll be Prime Minister in thirty years time, but what is certain; is that solar panels, will still be contributing to your family’s future – Ma’am.

A time for leadership from our royal leader.

A time for leadership from our royal leader.

With this kind of longevity, they can help your family ride out any political upheavals.

People are arguing that there is not much sun in the UK – think twice. For the first time, the UK’s solar panels generated more electricity than was produced from coal.

With advancements in photovoltaics today, the realistic prospect of such technologies producing 95% of their generating capacity after 20 years is now proven. (more…)

The US has declared war on regulations that protect the British people

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

We British are being divided and conquered!

The EU referendum is not what it seems!

The EU referendum is not what it seems!

US corporations have gone to war on the EU that has protected us from ‘profit before people’ ethics and especially the US pharmaceutical, health care, energy and food industries.

Pepsi Cola has finally bowed down to consumer pressure and is removing Aspartame from its ingredients. A small victory for common sense, a victory for people’s health. (more…)

A cultural revolution your grandparents would be proud of

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

The reason politicians pander their policies to appease the baby boomer generation is that rebelled and changed the political landscape when they were young.

Corporate coffee suddenly tastes foul.

Corporate coffee suddenly tastes foul.

Nowadays, those same baby boomers are marching on-mass to vote, and the young need to do the same to ‘create a new cultural revolution’ that will begin to put the many modern day wrongs – right again.

Promoting solar panels and powering electric vehicles using PV technology, is my personal response to a system that only views us as people to be milked. (more…)

Is the soul a renewable energy?

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

The greatest gift given to us by our forebears is the power of free speech. The greatest gift we can give the next generation is free energy.

Tired of waiting for someone else to make the future happen?

Tired of waiting for someone else to make the future happen?

Most of the population of the planet is born into mandatory religious indoctrination.

Passing to the other side will be as natural as entering into puberty, but whether you’re Hitler or Gandhi – the process will be the same.

Unfortunately, we have conceived a filtration process that rewards or condemns for our behaviour in this life. (more…)

Every generation has its own threat

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

The cold war is heating up again, yet we must view these geopolitical tussles like children squabbling as a much larger danger creeps towards its next child-sized meal.

The enemy is self-deception.

The enemy is self-deception.

Past civilisations knew the threats they faced. This danger was usually men on horses with swords, and so spent vast amounts of their resources to combat that. Today all nations, united or not, have a common enemy that is the unintended consequences of our industrialisation. (more…)

Progress may not be as it seems

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

“What we consider as impossible to us are simply engineering problems to those who seek power.”

Your independence is slipping away through ignorance and lies.

Your independence is slipping away through ignorance and lies.

Our success in building the internet has distracted us from the building of our future.

I used to think the internet was an excellent tool for greater freedoms. Now I believe it is a controlling tool and become a shackle for your mind.

A distracted mind is an imprisoned mind, all the while your civil rights, your employment rights and even your right to justice have disappeared in the ten short years you have been gawping at your iPhone. (more…)

Our solar panels are better than their panels

Friday, October 16th, 2015

“The road to a cleaner world has been made especially difficult by commission-hungry salesmen with just enough technical knowledge to the bag they’re next sale – but don’t lose heart.”

Solar panels are essential for a cleaner greener world.

Solar panels are essential for a cleaner greener world.

I developed Heat my Home as a resource for the earliest solar adopters, to help them avoid the pitfalls that come with being a solar pioneer.

Solar panel technology has been that next ‘big thing’ for a few years now in the eye of the salesperson, but the biggest industry lesson learned was; if you’re told “Our panels are the best in the world”, then back away slowly and politely. (more…)

Don’t rush into buying solar panels, but don’t dilly dally either

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

“A good friend of mine phoned me up about a conversation he had with a doorstep canvasser, who was pressing him into adopting solar panels before the January change.”

I wouldn't recommend an East/West solar installation.

I wouldn't recommend an East/West solar installation to my mum so that I wouldn't recommend you either.

I get a complete breakdown of the conversation, and I can tell you it upset me.

Firstly, yet again the seemingly incompetent way in which the government seems to handle the incentives for solar panels is allowing shameless companies to take advantage of people.

The direct sales and cold calling teams are ramping up activity and knocking on double some doors to urge folks into getting solar panels installed before it’s too late – I thought. (more…)

The human herd

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

“Individualism is an illusion. We all believe it, but as our Prime Minister David Cameron has now as demonstrated, the yearning to fit into the group will have you carrying out the most unusual of acts.”

Prime Ministerial Legacy - They will generate their own power when pigs fly says David Cameron.

Prime Ministerial Legacy – They will generate their own power when pigs fly says David Cameron.

If I have learned anything from my time on this Earth, it’s that people will do the dumbest of things to fit into and impress the human herd.

The great ‘switch your energy supplier‘ game is a simple trick used to give ‘the herd’ an illusion of choice. Moving you from field to field doesn’t allow you to escape the farm that imprisons you. They lock you into a lifetime of unnecessary expense and keep you suckling at the teet of foreign-owned energy suppliers. (more…)