PV solar panels in the UK?

A common misconception of PV solar panels is they don’t work well in the UK.

PV solar panels effectiveness in the UK.

Yes, they do work and work brilliantly.

Actually, solar panels run less efficiently in hot climates.

You don’t even have to take my word for it, as now over700.000 PV systems installed in Scotland alone.

The annual UK solar radiation figures are:

Scotland: 900-1000 kWh per sqm.
Midlands: 1000-1200 kWh per sqm.
South coast: 1100-1300 kWh per sqm.

Then there are countless solar heating panel installations installed too.

The PV export tariff led to over a million [photovoltaic installations at this time of writing.

Solar heating panels were popular in the UK before then.

The UK receives 60% of the solar energy that the equator receives annually and works on some cloudy days too.

Each SQ/M of roof space receives between 900-1300 kWh of usable electricity annually. Today, that stored through battery storage used internally or exported for financial gain.

Adopters enthusiastically testify, and hundreds of MCS-solar installers from Scotland to Cornwall, see these systems performing daily – across the seasons.

All endorse that “solar panels work extremely well in the UK.

Popular today, PV solar panels are installed worldwide including in northern European climates such as Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

The question is not if solar technologies work well in the UK?

The problem is how can I adopt solar panels and get them installed by an ethical installer?

The UK’s solar installation industry is unrecognisable compared to what I first encountered in 2004.

Regulations and world-leading standards have changed the sector positively.

In today’s PV industry, solar panel envy is more of a concern!

I describe PV technologies as independence-generating systems to reducing dependence on volatile geopolitics – common sense really.

If the last two-decade has taught us anything, your household energy costs are always projected upward.

Self-generation in the UK is for homeowners acknowledging the Switch Site game is futile!

The delusion of energy supplier switching in the UK is just that – an illusion.

In comparison, a typical operational lifespan of a PV solar panel system is thirty-plus years.

Retrospectively, we first discovered the North Sea oil reserves in the 1980s. As that bonanza has long since consigned to history, photovoltaic systems of that time are still operational and generating.

If you want to smugly sit in your solar-powered home as the world becomes increasingly crazy then PV is for you.

Don’t be a cash cow!

Those that laughed in the earliest day of the UK-solar industry are not laughing now!

"Feel the pride."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-09-11