Destroying our countryside with fracking

Go wave your banners while the grownups run the country.

After years of austerity during when the wealthiest 10% have seen their wealth increase between 50% and 100%.

After years of austerity when the wealthiest 10% have seen their wealth increase between 50% and 100%.

These are the contemptuous words uttered by Richard Holloway a Conservative councillor who was commenting about the austerity protests.

The truth is that 76% didn’t vote Conservative and the working poor whom his party’s policies now besmirch have nothing to lose, but their zero-hours contracts.

Mr Holloway’s and his ‘mockery’ should send shivers down the spine of any parent who cares about what world their children will live. It’s a real eye-opener to the contempt toward the general public that’s hidden behind closed doors and how this power-drunken man has given us a glimpse of the truth.

So let’s have a look at what the ‘grownups’ have achieved so far, and warned that this will be lifting the lid on Pandora’s box if you rely solely on the bought-and-paid-for corporate-controlled media as your only news!

Mr Holloway. Your little power trip is the problem and not a solution to anything.

The ecosystems in every corner of the planet are in meltdown. Fukushima is still a problem and causing Pacific Ocean life to die-off.

The Middle East is in meltdown too, and spreading to North Africa, bringing waves of desperate people to risk their lives and children to Europe. And, don’t even get me started with the failure of the European Union and the millions of people who died in two world wars.

All this human misery past, present and for what’s to come is all caused by power-drunken megalomaniacs just like you Mr Holloway. Real grownups put themselves last and their children’s future first.

Tipping points in the minds of people come when they can no longer heat their homes, feed their children and struggle to keep a roof over their heads. All three of these ‘essentials of life’ is under attack by the failures of people like Mr Holloway. Your immaturity can’t see the dangerous tinderbox conditions that are prevalent nationally and internationally today.

Children have selfish tendencies. They cannot see the bigger picture and are only interested in their selfish interests. Based on this simple analysis, I would tell Mr Holloway that it’s, in fact, spoilt children who are currently running the country and like 75% of the adults in this country didn’t choose or cause these austerity policies. This situation was inflammatory!

Your political party is ‘yet again selling nationally owned assets’ to benefit only a few, and the pursuit of energy policies that are just short-term fixes and destructive towards the countryside is sheer desperation. Another national asset you should be preserving. Instead, you and your money-hungry type are destroying the same planet that you and your children require. A Schoolboy error of the highest order!

The very fact that Mr Holloway has claimed to be running the country as an adult is a complete joke! These childish insults to the millions of people already struggling across the country and the billions more soon to be affected by more greed-based politics – shows just how little the word ‘adult’ can be applied here!

Don’t judge people until you have walked in their shoes. Next time there may be one million marchings and the time after that 5 million. A lot can happen in five years, but we all know that’s what you want.

Revolutions seldom seen coming by their antagonists and the biggest ‘schoolboy error’ made by the current government may be starving and making children homeless. Even Margaret Thatcher had the common sense to give children free milk when she began dismantling the country.

Our human rights to an inhabitable planet

At a cross-party meeting at some point in the 1990s, the threat of the Chinese economy. After years of losing jobs to China, which by that time was hoovering up (excuse the pun) British manufacturing jobs relentlessly, the meeting decided that if we were going to remain competitive economically, then we must take away the populations hard-fought civil rights.

A simple case of the ‘grownups’ bowing down to the lowest common denominator.

This situation was never going to be easy or quick, but with certain social conditions applied, they aimed to remove the population’s ‘human rights’. The people will no longer be entitled to the most fundamental aspects that they had become accustomed such as housing, national-owned infrastructure, the NHS, social care and more importantly employment rights. Next on their list are your constitutional rights and pension pots. And they’ll get too!

Instead of creating a long-term strategy in the late 1980s for dealing with the ‘by then confirmed’ global warming issue, the establishment as it was called then decided to work together to remove your entitlements, that previous post-war generations enjoyed. All very necessary in a new ‘global village’ was their justification.

What was brilliant about this plan was the additional benefit to the highest earners who had been lobbying throughout the late 1990s to remove restrictions that they felt were holding them back. After all, you don’t generate wealth by giving the population ‘rights’ which is a form of charity. Emulate the Chinese, right?

The point I am making here is that at one point in our modern history, those that govern us had two huge problems on their desk. China’s growing economic growth or the planet-sized global warming problem that by that time had been scientifically confirmed.

Those men at that time chose incorrectly. To sweep the global warming issue under the rug for the next generation to deal with was a mistake. We are that generation now, and the associated problems are just starting to show fruition.

The trans-global economic arms race that the world is now ‘locked into’ is accelerating the environmental degradation and has bankrupt the US and European nations – These are issues that are still unravelling to its conclusion today causing immeasurable human misery that ultimately only added a few more zeros to already wealthy offshore bank accounts.

Alternatively, had we chose to use our resources to tackle global warming from the beginning, then Britain today could have been the world’s pioneers and excelled in today’s worldwide green energy markets. Something China and Germany now boast.

However, we didn’t, and now we find ourselves scrabbling about in the dirt and destroying our countryside to desperately find an energy source because our politicians couldn’t foresee the potential of the alternative energy and solar panels revolution.

You see Mr Holloway, making big decisions, doesn’t automatically make you unique. It means when you get it wrong, you could be responsible for, quite literally the death of your nation, people in it and even the whole planets life systems.

We’re not impressed by your ‘big boy pants’ because even an average eight-year-old has the common sense knowledge of our need for a healthy ecosystem. Attempting to take away ‘hard-fought’ human rights is just plain insidious, and for that reason alone, I will wave my banner proudly with the growing numbers of people who are now waking up.

The disenfranchised will grow larger outside the palace gates.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-06-26