The risk when installing PV solar panels

When I was young and stupid, I decided to show off and climb a cliff face unaided. Risky – Yes, did it end well – No. My ugly mug in the local paper was a testament to that.

Done correctly, installing PV solar panels can be risk elating.

Done correctly, installing PV solar panels can be elating.

There’s no getting away from it, life is a risky experience, and we all make mistakes. Some people go-make snap decisions, and some are meticulous and research before embarking on life-changing choices.

Wisdom is no more than your lifetime’s accumulation of mistakes and triumphs, but smart people learn from others too.

This reason is why I created Power my Home. To help people researching solar panels and who want to immerse themselves in the subject before taking the plunge.

In the decade since I started this life-consuming project, there’s one clear fact that I am happy to report and that is, “it’s far safer to install solar panel technology today than at any time before.”

That doesn’t give you license to dispose of your solar-related homework, it’s still as important to do it today as it was at school, but the solar industry landscape has changed in so many ways over the last decade, that the risks, many early pioneers endured – are now vastly diminished.

Wolves shouldn’t hinder your enthusiasm for joining the PV solar (photovoltaic) revolution in shiny suits. Be enthused by the fact that there are now thousands of ethically-minded installers across the country, who, like me, have invested many years of their lives in seeing this ‘much needed’ technology succeed.

If you knew the burden of work that installers have to go through to become RECC and MCS accredited, then you’d respect them just as much as I do. All the initial work and then the regular auditing. They have to study to get qualified as well as having to undergo continual development work alongside their daily installation activities.

That’s why other expert contributors and I spend countless hours helping people become solar savvy. It’s the next generation of solar pioneers that hold the key to national security, fuel poverty, environmental action and more importantly, our generation’s legacy.

Whether we like it or not, we are the generation that confirmed categorically that the planet is going into a ‘fever’ state. We also confirmed that our dependency on oil is a fools game and no amount of ‘fracking the life out of our countryside’ will solve that problem either.

Yes, life is a risky experience, but to boldly go where your neighbours haven’t gone before, to take advantage of this window of opportunity that buying solar panels today currently present, will better shield your family and nation from the ‘vote pandering” decisions of our politicians.

While the incentives are still right, the technology is always affordable while sticking your head above the parapet can seem risky, but today it’s less so – when you know where to look.

Eliminating the risk factor is what the right people in the solar industry have chosen as their legacy. Being the first on your street is a legacy you can be proud of for decades to come.

Had I learned to climb with the right people and with the correct equipment, the risk would have been tiny. It’s this hard-learned lesson.

In a world that is changing so quickly, the installation of PV solar panels is a long-term investment that in today’s financially corrupt world, carry significantly less risk than keeping your money in the bank.

The days of “solar don’t work well in this country” are now consigned to history. The days of “solar panels are unaffordable” are gone and as David Cameron stated, “this green crap” simply sounds foolish when the rest of the world is now racing to reduce their dependency on the volatile global oil markets.

Over the last decade, we have all witnessed the tide turn. The cheap, abundant and guilt-free days of traditional energy are now a quickly fading memory for most. Today, the country celebrates if our energy companies reduce our bills by 5%, but forgets that the cash total has actually more than doubled over the last 10 years. The risk of not preparing for extreme volatility in the global energy markets verges on assured.

To become a solar pioneer with our trusted network of installers, get a quote here and begin your solar-powered journey.

Also on your team

Your safety equipment on your solar journey is the Renewable Energy Consumer Code.

I was privileged to meet the team at the RECC who work without thanks to improving the experience of renewable energy adopters. Thanks, guys.

The Renewable Energy Association-backed scheme brings together ethically-minded installers who want to improve the industry and reassure solar investors. This team of similar enthusiasts has vastly reduced the risk when buying solar panels today.

The ‘consumer code’ is a membership that installers implement into their core business and adhere to in their business structure. The voluntary code ensures the behaviour of sales representatives, installation procedures and even right through to maintenance and service agreements if applicable.

The vetting process that the RECC accredited solar companies have to go through is rigorous and many company directors do fail to meet the grade. I wouldn’t deal with any company that isn’t vetted and proudly displaying their accreditation logo.

If the RECC is your safety line, then the MCS accreditation is your safety net because it’s mandatory for all installers and technologies to be approved by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

As you can now see, the industry has worked hard to eliminate the risk for investors. The dangers endured by early pioneers are now minimum by an industry that today is happily regulated and has matured over-time.

There will always be a few that spoil it for the many, but the many are here to help you.

Additionally, solar companies with an excellent reputation to uphold are always interested in continuing to do an excellent job. Maybe ask them for two or three of their installations near to you that have been up and running for over a year. Research, research, research, get solar savvy and print our ‘three steps to solar heaven‘ and you’ll be just fine.

Help us grow a truly just, and people led a revolution.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-03-05
Founder of Power My Home.