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I’ve been shouting from the root tops about PV solar panels for fourteen years.

The up's and the down's, but the inevitable rise of a PV solar-powered world.

The up’s and the down’s, but the inevitable rise of a PV solar-powered world.

Most people don’t yet understand how game-changing they are.

Unfortunately, solar panels have endured a roller-coaster ride in the UK, due to lobbyists in the traditional UK energy industry and their right-wing press enforcers.

Dark forces intervened with the UK’s fledgeling PV solar panel industry.

Unbelievably, Britain’s sharp U-turn in policy came just as the global demand for PV began to grow exponentially.

The world continues to turn, albeit with a more significant number of threatened species and our society keeps descending into more desperate forms of drilling!

Got to keep the people sucking on those blood and oil-stained Teets.

Despite the corruption and ensuing political onslaught of the last few years, the broader solar industry has continued to advance its range of technologies and bring the homeowner an array of new products with their accompanying benefits.

The freedoms and longevity that today’s PV solar panels can provide with additional battery storage for evening use, PV heating converters for hot water and the ability to provide free transport with EV and PV technologies.

A breath of fresh air for this misunderstood technology.

When I first began pioneering Power My Home in 2004, PV solar panels already seemed like a space age technology, especially when you realise that 1950s satellites are orbiting the planet with PV still generating today.

Nowadays, the solar industry is benefiting from these additional add-on technologies that never existed only a few years ago.

Today, only the best of the best solar companies have survived since David Cameron became the political equivalent of the guy at Universal Studios who rejected the original Star Wars script with his government’s “green crap” incompetence.

His choice to suppress the fact that ‘self-generation’ is the next technological and logical step for the human race is bemusing, but unbeknownst to him, his efforts to deliberately destroy the UK solar industry for his feudalistic pals unwittingly improved it.

A purge of countless rogue companies has separated the curds and whey. Something is necessary for solar’s longer-term growth.

Unfortunately, many hardworking and talented people’s lives bore the brunt of Cameron’s shortsightedness, but now the surviving companies could be considered the best of the best.

The solar industry in the UK now has an actual bedrock to base its inevitable growth upon, but must work alongside the RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) and other trade authorities to prevent the mistakes of the past repeating.

The remaining feed-in tariffs are still around and up for grabs, so it’s worth claiming yours while they are still around. Let’s remember that the incentive was only meant to be a short-term leg-up for the industry. They have ultimately reduced the cost of an average PV solar panel system by as much as 60% since its launch.

I’d like to say that our corporate/political masters can’t stop progress, but that’s not technically true.

However, in solar’s case, the genie is already out of the bottle thanks to The Labour Party in the UK, but it’s Germany, China and India who have picked up the baton and are now electrically driving its success forward.

To reiterate, British solar companies that are still installing today, for the most part, can be considered the best of the best and are now ready to begin a new chapter in human and UK development.

A new dawn for selling PV solar panels

I can’t see the American three letter agencies releasing Tesla’s juicy blueprints for an alternative free energy network anytime soon.

The only other alternative to this current economic and environmental degradation that comes with stubbornly burning hydrocarbons for too long is green energy – Mr Cameron and Mrs May.

PV solar panels are the only versatile and sensible long-term option for a household wanting to release itself from the ravages of a privatised power network (mostly foreign-owned for all those Brexiteers).

With a longer-term view of our energy consumption, selling photovoltaic systems has become a different experience from the ‘one size fits all’ model. The feed-in tariff will no longer be the incentive, but the longevity and complementary technologies will.

I believe the huge reduction in the cost of PV panels that’s occurred over the last few years shouldn’t be wiped out instantly by pushing the price up with the additional costs of add-on technologies like battery storage.

PV sales should now become a journey of exploration for the layman.

Yes, you’ll always get, those who want the top-of-the-range EV on the driveway, but appealing to more modest households is a strategy worth pursuing as the EV market inevitably expands towards the masses.

Primarily, I suggest that self-generation should be offered in various sizes to suit varying budgets. The one size fits all sales model has become obsolete and could be putting many people off who’s more modest budgets don’t, unfortunately, meet their good intentions.

A more fundamental solar starter packages may be a good starting point for many, thus giving your expert sales teams the ability to help some customers to add more features once PV technology’s benefits are genuinely realised.

Having a real long-term relationship with your customers and keeping them abreast of current developments and progress will build upgrade and maintenance sales opportunities.

Gone are the days when solar companies ‘fit and forget’. That option should only be reserved for customer’s choice.

Some PV savvy customers could become people who’ll gain a thirst for squeezing the maximum performance and benefits from their solar panels like Motorsport enthusiasts do today.

Word of mouth was the most significant factor for those who were astute enough to install in the last few years, and so it will be again as people begin to ‘show off’ their new PV powered EV’s and battery storage systems.

I love PV solar panels and the potential they hold for contributing towards freeing-up the human race from its dark feudalistic masters who feed upon the misery of high-cost heating, powering and transport.

Once the penny drops about PV in the national consciousness, the rest will become galactic history.

PV solar panels for this crazy world.

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