PV solar panels are a bit of a no-brainer

Time is not on your side if you’re entirely reliant on the world’s wholesale energy markets.

It's time for PV solar technologies to make Great Britain great again.

Time for PV solar technologies to make us great again.

PV solar panels (photovoltaic) have now become the cheapest form of power, and its dirty cousin is currently on a limitless upward projection of rising costs.

Additionally, the UK energy consumer has to come to terms with Donald Trump’s new geopolitical trade warfare that will have immeasurable consequences for the global energy industries going forward.

Despite this, PV solar panels offer thirty plus years of relief from Margaret Thatcher’s broken dream.

Our own UK ‘privatised’ energy model is already showing signs of failing and will continue to buckle as US trade policies continue to feed off its allies parasitically.

Again, Mrs Thatcher’s flagship policy has failed, and her predecessors are too consumed with Brexit and appeasing Trump to put up any meaningful resistance.

Have you seen Theresa May all googly-eyed around a true Alpha Male? A national embarrassment – I digress.

Currently, the UK energy market is fluid, as customers aim to save money. It was revealed towards the end of 2017, that there were 50 energy companies operating in the UK, each doing their utmost to tempt customers with low prices.

However, smaller UK energy suppliers encouraged throughout the early 2000’s are already stressed and operating a “house of cards” model that will inevitably collapse under further wholesale price rises and thus such firms will go bust reducing competition.

Larger UK energy firms are also vulnerable to imminent volatility in wholesale prices as recent high profile price rises confirm and that’s before Trump’s longer-term “America First” strategies actually take effect!

It’s time for the British public to recognise that true independence means personal energy.

The privatised energy market cannot appease investors and customers at the same time.

Customers will always lose, and that’s why adopting PV solar panels today are a no-brainer.

Shortly, only the larger big six energy companies will dominate the UK energy market and Mrs Thatcher’s privatisation dream will wither and die as The Big Six begin to merge to survive.

It’s just a matter of time before people have to adopt alternative technologies out of necessity; not a luxury or any misguided green aspirations.

Mrs Thatcher’s privatisation model was poorly conceived from the outset because it knowingly put shareholders before national security. We spend countless billions on military while letting conquering radical religions in through the trade entrance. Time really isn’t on our side – I digress again.

Even without Trump economics playing out, we’ve witnessed our country dying a death by a thousand cuts since I first began shouting from the rooftops about PV solar panels in 2004.

Unfortunately, our national slide is all down to the cost of subsidising traditional energy instead of freeing ourselves from carbon bondage and our leadership kissing Saudi Arabian arse.

Roman/Celtic culture has been sold off in exchange for oil!

Subsidies for our failing UK energy industry grow year-on-year and by default so will consumer costs. And all this before the consequences of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” policies begin to surface.

Historically, WTO (World Trade Organisation) kept the US empire in-check – not today.

Energy in the UK was relatively cheap only twenty years ago, so imagine the state of affairs during PV’s long thirty-forty operational lifespan.

Already, everyone is chasing their tails looking for that mythical cheap energy tariff deal, and that’s before Trump tore-up WTO agreements. PV solar panels on a roof will soon become a clear sign of its owners clear intentation to walk away from the switching tariff game.

Sadly, it’s become evident that the high cost of energy is now a never-ending spiral of despair for UK energy consumers with little choice but to ‘suck it up buttercup’.

People installing PV solar panels and powering an EV (electric vehicle) with the sun say “bollox to that”.

Crazy talk or a bit of a no-brainer.

Freedom to choose.

The Great British way.

A PV-enhanced life

The good news is, Trump may have unwittingly discovered the quickest way to deploy PV worldwide.

A stroke-of-genius only admired by future historians or a geopolitical own goal?

Only time will tell.

The only thing keeping you paying your energy bill is tradition, and as Trump has proven, a tradition in the 21st-century is a fool’s paradise.

Are you going to continue to absorb the volatility in wholesale energy markets or are you going to look at alternative technology to move forward in time with a final solution to this madness?

The writings on the wall as golden-handshake seeking politicians continue to throw good money after bad or flog an oil-soaked dead donkey.

A brave new exciting world opens up for PV and EV adopters with the foresight to go they’re own energy way.

Pursuing energy independence is the only logical way forward for proper grown-ups.

A SolarPower Europe report shows 99.1GW of solar PV installed last year, but mostly outside of the UK.

More countries are “banking” on PV-power around the world, as almost 100GW were installed last year globally.

The Internet became the unexpected darling of The Future. The next stage of The Internet is a PV-powered Internet, that’s already underway as companies like Apple invest in PV for they’re long-term survival and cost-cutting strategies.

Today, looking at PV as ‘green technology’ is like calling an iPhone a communication device.

PV is the middle-finger at political incompetence, geopolitical bullying and corporate tyranny.

PV is a statement of astute foresightedness and personal long-term planning.

PV is kicking Sid in the Bollocks and saying “keep your extortionate energy costs out of my house”.

PV is exercising your freedom to choose in a time that would rather you didn’t.

Tell Sid if you see him.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2018-07-13
Founder of Power My Home.