Brexit and PV solar panels

Annoyingly, I can find a positive in any negative situation. Try as I might, I cannot find any positive attributes in store for the British people after Article 50 is triggered.

PV solar panels are Anderson shelters of our time.

PV solar panels are Anderson shelters of our time.

As I predicted, the US mega-corporations are salivating over our food, water, energy, education, healthcare, pharmaceutical industries and an all-encompassing deregulation wave that will be devastating for the well-being of British people, but fantastic for Trump.

Additionally, a backlash by European-owned energy companies has already begun with higher pricing policies is starting to extend out into the broader economy – warranted or not.

If this squeeze on the ‘cost of living’, ‘quality of life’ and ultimately the ‘switch off’ of the NHS’s life support wasn’t bad enough, we now have to endure a government that couldn’t even negotiate a beneficial trade deal with the likes of Amazon or Starbucks!

We have a government implementing policies of the National Front trying to negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world who’d like nothing more than to see us brought down a peg or two. We’re in an economic and carbon war and its always civilians that pay the price.

Has the penny dropped yet?

The intelligent within our population now have to consider the benefits of a generate-your-own household energy policy for a much longer-term view of what is or isn’t on the horizon.

I have already written about the real reason we were encouraged to leave the EU. Conservative hard-liners who have financial interests in preventing us from following Germany’s green energy and generate-your-own revolution.

Brexit induced patriotism was like that confidence you feel when drinking the tipple-of-choice. The more you consume, the more the cold light of day is going to hurt in its absence.

The morning after the Brexit party is going to make many people regret that last drink, while the majority of those original Brexit politicians will not be around to clean up their mess.

Now, I loved a good party as much as the next guy, but I always had pre-prepared plans for getting home and feeling the reassuring comfort of an ‘exit strategy’. Something was sadly missing in a rush to bestow the NHS with 350 million extra pounds.

Solar panels, (EV) electric vehicles and alternative energy technologies that Germany is already benefiting from today could also be your safe ride home from this Brexit party. A comfort blanket that gives you and your family that reassuring feeling that comes with proper planning for the future.

Your solar-powered family can leave the rest of the zombie revellers by the side of the cold, damp road as they attempt to get out of their hazy headed predicament and wondering as to what the hell happened?

Today, politicians are nothing more than focal points for the public to direct their anger while the will of the corporations is rolled out regardless of the background. The grip of the corporations has tightened around us as economic, social and environmental problems become harder to deny.

You don’t need gas masks (unless you’re in London) or a Anderson Shelter, but three decades of energy security with solar technologies doesn’t seem such a bad idea as Britain jumps out of the safety of the EU without any trade deal parachutes?

And ironically, because they didn’t want you generating-your-own!

Land of hope and growing gas bills

The UK was cleverly distracted, and its beautiful countryside has already been carved up for the US fracking industry’s before the referendum debates had even finished.

Where are the Daily Hate newspapers today, putting pressure on governments to prevent the corporate rape of our countryside now. Those same Daily Hate newspapers that fought hammer and tongue to preserve us from windmills, suddenly fall silent on a topic that does destroy the British countryside and its water tables.

The penny dropped again?

Corporate declaration of war on Germany, for its ‘Energiewende green energy ambitions’ and the destabilisation of the EU as the best way to weaken it is what reads between the hate-filled lines. However, the German people are in a good position to ride out that storm due to their nationwide and two decades worth of investments in alternative energy technologies – unlike Britain.

In Germany’s own words:

“To truly transform our economy, protect our security, and save our planet from the ravages of climate change, we need to make clean ultimately, renewable energy the profitable kind of energy.” – Declared by Germany in 2009.

In contrast, our self-interested Daily Hate newspapers whose notorious owners have significant portfolios in the traditional energy sector are the real enemy of Britain and its ability to move into the 21st-century – #StopFundingHate.

Today, the British population is currently being conditioned to think the bright shiny Cocaine Cola truck at the end of the field is taking them to greener trade-deal pastures.

Even intelligent Americans source they’re Cocaine Cola from Mexico because of the difference in the questionable ingredients in the US Cocaine Cola version. A sign of questionable ingredients to come.

Back in the UK, where the first generation of parents to discourage our children from eating the ‘purple’ chocolate since the yanks took control of the ingredients.

US corporate trade deals involve the carving up of everything that we British people hold dear.

As a worrying example, today’s government are already allowing the ‘selling off’ of rights to our ‘children’s minds’ to extreme US Scientology fundamentalists.

Additionally, expect the US’s mandatory vaccination programmes to take away our freedom to choose the risks associated with their push for heavy metals laced vaccines. (This has already occurred in Australia).#Vaxxed

Our modern government structure is impotent at getting beneficial trade deals that don’t involve selling off everything including the health of the British people and children – sadly.

The last vestiges of our forebear’s freedom and hard-won rights are being dissolved, but in respect to your energy bills, you can still escape to a ‘generate-your-own’ energy model. Follow Germany’s innovative Energiewende lead in getting away from our current 19th-century energy model that won’t end well for dying us in Großbritannien.

The costs of powering and heating your home will increase even further over the coming Brexit years as people begin to realise the real consequences of forming opinions based on hate-filled and agenda-soaked newspapers.

Solar panels should be viewed as the Anderson Shelters of our time by those still savvy enough to understand their significance within this corporate war that will continue to erode away the things that we British people cherish.

Enjoying real energy freedom for your family is the only positive outcome, I can muster from the ravages of a hard Brexit and the global corporate war that’s chipping away at liberty itself.

Solar panels won’t protect from bombs and bullets, but they will shield your family from today’s political incompetence that will easily extend outwards for three decades or more. Coincidentally, the average lifespan of a PV (photovoltaic) solar panel system.

And let’s be honest.

If your daily read denied the threat of global warming, then your also a victim of the same fake news that influenced minds in favour of Brexit!

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2017-02-13