From above or the restless mind?

What you think is what you’ll become.

These words encompass the only preaching required in modern schools.

Keep religion out of our schools.

Keep religion out of our schools.

The mind, even the adult mind is like a toddler. You can direct it in any direction, and the spirit will eagerly follow that path.

Unfortunately, this can lead to a harmful activity or to more beneficial and positive attributes.

For thousands of years, people in power have recognised this and have been influencing young minds ever since. As a Christian child why they are Christian? Ask a Muslim child, why they follow the Islamic faith?

No heaven or hell is required to account for the greatest of atrocities or the best of endeavours; only a mind with a purpose.

In my own experience, I have been lucky enough to be free from religion conditioning, and my mind has found its path to promote solar panel technology positively.

Recently, someone asked me if I’m not yet bored with writing about this subject for the last decade? I replied “No!” I would even go so far as to say “I write these articles in my sleep.”

Is this divine intervention or just my restless mind?

Well, I have never been short of enthusiasm, and the drive-in my mind merely has never run out fuel, yet! Like the sun. But, once I had decided to dedicate my life to promoting the use of solar technology in a world that needs them, I noticed a bizarre phenomenon occurring in my life.

I would automatically wake up with ideas, articles and the answers to problems I may have been having when developing this website coding. My mind was working overtime on issues as I slept. I have been told I regularly talk about solar panels in my sleep too.

The phrase “I’ll sleep on it” originates from this phenomenon.

I’ve given my mind a direction to follow, and it has set off enthusiastically on its own to achieve the task it has been given, just like a toddler. The power of the mind can be helpful or destructive in equal measures, and it is this aspect of our humanity were the origins of good and evil comes.

Does the power of prayer come from the mind?

Almost yes, but they don’t want you to know that.

Keeping religious conditioning out of schools

Teaching our children that a god will condemn them for their thoughts; or who will continually watch and judge them on their every action night or day for the rest of their lives is a medieval way of population control.

This type of thinking originates from a paranoid Roman Emperor Constantine who used and shaped for his benefit an underground following that challenged established Roman beliefs. This action helped to preserve his hand on power towards the end of the Roman era. This activity worked so well that those in power have emulated this indoctrination of the young to imprison the real power of the human mind.

Nothing diverts the mind than having to add to memory the entire contents of an old book.

The world today has real global problems, and yet we still allow our children to be imprisoned in their minds through religious bondage.

This human-made way of policing thought has brought nothing but endless wars in the name of “a loving God”. Men and boys have marched towards the battle with beautifully painted ideals, but no one told them that money was the real reason they were walking off to kill.

Unfortunately, the old educational model of producing obedient armies based on religion should have no place in modern technological society.

If our political class is serious about competing with superpowers like China (who don’t teach religion in schools), so taking the faith out of schools can be the only way to unlock the real potential of our minds.

Religion, especially within our multi-cultural society kept outside the school. Nobody is trying to ban Christmas or other religious-based holidays, but the time for learning to survive in a failing global world should come before the old Roman based dogma.

Modern education now based on faith in yourself, rather than faith in the unknown.

Once pupils understand they have the most potent tool in the universe and learn to direct its awesomeness towards whatever goal they choose, then the power of the mind will do the rest.

All it takes is for 5% of parents to say “no” to affect real change. Constantine knew it, medieval kings knew it, and the political elite is still scared of it today.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2014-06-20