PV solar panels for a crazy world

"An extraordinary road towards an
electric-driven world enhanced with PV."

Over the cracks with solar panels

July 19th, 2012

As an old, neglected house with inadequate maintenance spent on it over many years, the cracks are showing in our country’s energy infrastructure, which is why a solar panel installation has become a wise investment.

Can cheap oil be sustained?

Can cheap oil be sustained?

Living Memory and learning from it are one of the things that give human beings the edge over the rest of the animal kingdom. Using experience, and our living memories from the 1970’s blackouts, when Britain’s energy infrastructure was last updated, we can see the upcoming issue’s that will occur.

With new infrastructure updates now required in 2012 and beyond, and one-third of our countries’ power-generating capacity needing to replace, the additional costs and inevitable further rise in our energy bills, will yet again, see fuel poverty brought to the doorsteps of millions at best or blackout situations at worst. Read the rest of this entry »

Common sense and PV solar panels

July 13th, 2012

We are a world in need of PV solar panels (photovoltaic) and other alternative technologies.

I am not a fan of football myself, but some people including myself think goal-line technology in the game is just common sense, although some people prevent this from happening.

PV solar panels for a crazy world.

PV solar panels for a crazy world.

A banking system, which does not gamble other people’s savings off, is another example of common sense thrown out with the dishwater, even after the economic crash, people still prevent this happening.

The most significant and most fundamental bewilderment is economic growth. With our newly acquired eyes in the sky, we can for the first time in history look down at ourselves in virtual god-like detail. We can see our impact; we can see we have nowhere else to go. Read the rest of this entry »

The dragon is cunning and dangerous

July 6th, 2012

A wise man once said, Leave the dragon to sleep, for once it has awoken, it will crush us all. There is a transition in progress that we in the west are only just waking up too.

Should have let the dragon sleep.

Should have let the dragon sleep.

This transition began 15 years ago, and in such a short time, we (The UK, Europe and America) have suckered them into transferring our prosperous economies, as a gullible pensioner sweet-talked into transferring their life savings in the guise of benefiting their grandchildren.

The promise of cheaper goods for our old economies was too good an opportunity. For a while, the western economies thought, we were the ones taking advantage of the new younger upstarts. Read the rest of this entry »

Energy wars and ecological damnation

June 29th, 2012

Listening to a radio debate about global warming, it became obvious (but apparently not all) how humanity has painted itself into a corner.

Climate change kills.

Climate change kills.

The needs and wants of people constrained by the engine of commerce are at loggerheads with the requirements of a healthy planet. Prioritising, one of the other will lead to a devastating outcome, whichever put first. The old rock and a hard place scenario.

So world leaders have signed up to the, go with what you know, approach and continuation of growth leading to resource wars, famine and ecological damnation. Read the rest of this entry »

Energy are a fool’s gold

June 22nd, 2012

Why do we let fool’s continue to chase gold?

Power My Home PV Solar Panels UKIt’s a fool’s gold to continue to increase industrial growth when it is apparently affecting our ability to feed ourselves.

Climatic changes bringing on crop failure, water supply problems and marine diversity. Nature needs protecting when so many humans, including the western world, depend.

So it comes as no surprise, that the former chairman of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution and current vice-president of the RSPB, Sir John Lawton, said this week, which the chancellor’s views on the environment are “potentially quite dangerous” and his views were “not interested in evidence”. Read the rest of this entry »

Solar panels are a hangover cure

June 15th, 2012

While watching the queen’s jubilee celebration, it struck me how most of us are living through the best of times.

Has humanity peaked?

Has humanity peaked?

What’s this got to do with solar panels? Please bear with me on this; the ending is banging.

Showing my seven-year-old stepson, images from the Hubble space telescope and satellite pictures of the Earth, I was surprised by his blasé nature of the subject matter. Read the rest of this entry »