PV solar panels, today

An extraordinary road towards an electric-driven world enhanced by photovoltaic solar panels.

PV installations hit record numbers

November 15th, 2011

The world has gone crazy for PV solar panels.

There's nothing more powerful than when a PV's time has come.

Globally, the rush to install photovoltaics has begun.

In the UK, PV installations have hit fantastic levels.

You may have seen solar panels pop-up in your area recently?

People installing PV technology alongside energy price hikes is no coincidence.

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Installing photovoltaic panels

November 10th, 2011

Let’s explain why photovoltaic solar panels are cool, even here in Britain?

The beauty with PV.

Solar panels have been appearing on homes all over Britain.

The decision to purchase was helped by the export tariff scheme introduced in 2010.

The decision to purchase was helped by fear of escalating energy prices today and in the future.

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Solar panels and the benefits

November 1st, 2011

Only when installed do you truly understand the benefits of solar panels.

There's nothing more powerful than when a PV's time has come.

The earliest solar pioneers are being generously rewarded – daily.

If you’re not a solar panel adopter, then sadly you’re still a slave to the oligarchs.

We champion the homeowner, whom the current export tariff is aimed at.

Solar panels offer the ability to self-generate and be paid for the surplus.

This is a massive constitutional change and why we recommend self-generation.

The generation tariff is designed to give homeowners an incentive to install PV (photovoltaic) solar panels.

Energy companies in the market offer a wide range of export rates currently averaging 4.44 pence per kWh.

I’d also recommend battery storage to power your evening and nighttime life.

Owning solar panels is certainly a wise investment in today’s electric-driven world.

Upward and gradual climbing in traditional energy costs is the new normal.

Traditional energy will always come at a premium price; the days of cheap energy are over.

Becoming an independent self-generating energy user will always be a good thing in the 21st-century.

The full benefits of installing solar panels:

  • A steady income year-on-year from surplus energy.
  • A large reductions in annual energy expenditure.
  • An increase in property value.
  • A better return-on-investment than keeping money in a bank account.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.

The PV export tariff assures long-term stability for the solar industry, and people who adopt this wonderful technology.

Today, smart money buys a savvier energy future.

Early bird catches the export tariff worm

October 12th, 2011

The take-up of photovoltaic or PV solar panels has been a tremendous success.

There's nothing more powerful than when a PV's time has come.

The export tariff is a catalyst for the astute.

Incentives so good that new installations are spread far and wide.

The demand for PV solar technology is strong, with around 550 MW installed since the feed-in tariffs began.

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We love our photovoltaic solar panels

September 30th, 2011

I describe photovoltaic solar panels as independence-generating systems.

There's nothing more powerful than when a PV's time has come.

The UK is unleashing a freedom to self-generate.

It’s our duty as informed people to pursue that freedom from the system that is now being offered.

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Free solar panels coming to an end

September 20th, 2011

Why would a solar panel company install on your home for free?

The PV solar panel apocalypse in the UK between 2012 and 2018.

Rent-a-roof is designed to make money from your home.

Feed-in tariffs are intended to reward early adopters.

This type of practice will soon be outlawed under new proposals.

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