An extraordinary journey towards a world enhanced by PV solar panels

How to buy photovoltaic solar panels?

August 29th, 2013

I’ve been singing the praises of solar panels since 2004. I’ve seen many solar companies come and go in the earliest years. I’ve seen them all from corporations like BP to smaller groups.

The one thing they have in common is over-zealous and commission-hungry salespeople. Now, this is nothing unique to the solar panel industry, but having worked a couple of years in such an environment myself, I have heard and seen it all. Read the rest of this entry »

Solar panels in the United Kingdom

July 23rd, 2013

While enjoying a pint on a countryside walk, I was distracted by a conversation about solar panels. A debate of the effectiveness of solar panels in the UK began.

Interested to hear a stranger’s point-of-view, I earwigged whilst admiring the beautiful Welsh countryside. Resisting the urge to declare my own enthusiasm, I listened as they began to espouse the usual solar myths.

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Incentives for solar heating panels

July 18th, 2013

A feed-in tariff incentive for solar heating panels has been announced. The Renewable Heat Incentive for solar heating is now available. Announced this week by Greg Barker of the Department of Energy and Climate Change. This is similar to an already existing PV export tariff for photovoltaic solar panels.

A payment tariff of 19.2p per kWh for heated solar output for seven-years has been confirmed. Read the rest of this entry »

Why buy PV solar panels in the UK?

July 11th, 2013

They’ll be knocking down our doors to get hold of photovoltaics! Not got PV solar panels installed yet? Here’s a little help to adopt PV.

Human history is littered with mistakes and bad decisions. Ignoring the true-scale of the UK’s energy problems, prove this hypothesis correct. Read the rest of this entry »

Thermodynamic solar panels in the UK

July 2nd, 2013

I’m always excited by new solar panel innovations, so the thermodynamic solar system was intriguing.

Take a look at thermodynamic solar panels.

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Time for a PV solar panel installation

June 23rd, 2013

PV solar panel installations have increased due to the availability of export tariffs. The UK is adopting the long-term benefits that solar panels offer.

A PV-installation alleviates from increasingly expensive traditional energy costs. In addition to selling surplus power, nighttime usage with battery storage and EV-charging is here. Read the rest of this entry »