Solar panels are a cool

President Obama in his ‘state of the nation’ address has made clear and precise commitments to support the solar panel industry in the US which will help create jobs and help transition away from what even he now views as inevitable. The end of the oil age.

Ushering in solar panels as the new norm.

Ushering in solar panels as the new norm.

Building a model for a non-petroleum based economy with more localised food production, alongside environmental protection’s are pivotal to our modern world’s future.

“All intertwined and yet all essential to keep the thin veneer of social functioning.”

The stable global climate, we all grew up in is now obsolete and preparing for both extreme winter and summer weather events is paramount meaning the perpetual ‘growth’ model must also soon be outdated.

As we are now entering a time of unknowns, more of the same will be setting ourselves up for a calamity. The ‘competitive model’ that got us into this mess should be replaced by a new ‘co-operation model’ to see us through this time of financial, ecological and high-density population problems; never seen on this planet before.

A ‘new normal’ you might say, and as we move a step closer to the solar panelled world we imagine the future to be; they too will also become a ‘new normal’.

The new normal and the world that has changed

The world we grew up in has gone.

It was only a decade ago that climate change was not accepted by many, but now all but the most delusional in society now accept the problem whether human-made or not. It may have taken extreme weather events before the penny finally dropped, but the reality of a ‘new normal’ has been made clear to all but the most stubborn.

Scientists have talked about tipping points for decades, and it seems the extreme weather events we see across the world is now evident and that in our daily lives we still live in the hope that the scientists were wrong.

“Whether we like it or not, we are living in a new ‘climatic normal’ today.”

The problem of new normals is that they occur over a short period of a human lifetime, but overnight in geological terms. The problem with this new climatic normal is that it has already begun to affect our food production and just like energy costs over the last decade, food prices are expected to rise quickly leaving food shortages for many as more agricultural areas become affected.

It doesn’t seem over a decade since the North Sea oil platforms were producing at full capacity and the benefits of this showed with cheaper energy bills at that time. Will we look at food prices in the same way in a decade from now?

Our memories of cheap, abundant food with ‘buy one and get one free’ offers will be a long and distant memory. The new normal will be unimaginable to us right now as they struggle to provide cheap energy and food for the 4×4 generation will be as usual to the next generation as higher energy costs have now become the new normal for us today.

Generations have grown-up taught that we separated from the natural world; this could be our biggest mistake as the physical world now begins to remind us that in fact, we are not.

Humanity has always pioneered its way through change, and the signal from Obama that solar panels are going to be the centre point of this uncertain new world is something we can all gain hope.

Welcome to the solar panelled century.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2014-01-29
Founder of Power My Home.