New roads or PV solar panels?

Do we spend our nation’s money on new roads or PV (photovoltaic) solar panel technology?

Power My Home PV Solar Panels UKThe stupidity of some people knows no bounds, but you would think that our leaders in government would know better, wouldn’t you? I am afraid not, and I am so scared for the future.

The recent decision to cut the subsidies to homeowners through the hugely successful feed-in tariffs scheme was necessary to help reduce the deficit.

Or so we thought!

A crazy decision to build more road infrastructure has left me shocked.

With a world facing unaffordable levels of energy and petrol prices and the global outlook looking grimmer each year, our Eton-schooled leaders have decided to build more roads rather than reduce the nation’s dependence on oil and add more investment to a much-needed, already growing industry.

The fact is, our esteemed leaders have diverted funds, which could have helped people out of fuel poverty by being invested in the solar industry, in which the rest of the world is also competing, and by doing that, they have effectively retired the United Kingdom from the green technology age.

A future with solar panels

Ten years from now, when petrol and diesel hit £2.50 Litre, who will be using these new highways?

When homeowners in 2015 are facing £1,500 annual energy bills, will the decisions made today seem wise?

The Arab Spring and the Libyan uprising are already showing signs of Islamic leadership in domination, just like in Iran in the 1970s. Britain’s dependence on the Middle East for its oil could run into difficulties, as changes in the region may not go the way that the West wants.

For those who remember the 1970’s and the power that the Middle East had over us, it was a situation from which our present government has apparently not learned. The Middle East, however, is not our biggest concern; that accolade goes to the Far East.

China, with its power and wealth, has decided to dominate the solar market, investing in solar panel technology in a ‘great wall’ sized project. So what does our government do? It goes to China to beg her not to follow its example and invest in the solar industries, but instead to buy new roads when it can’t maintain the ways that it already has.

China and India will, one day, need to maintain their new Western-style lifestyles with four times more oil consumption than at present.

Just this one fact alone should shake our government into investing in alternatives because one day our Far Eastern friends are going to do a deal. Our Middle Eastern friends, or foes -whichever it may be at the time, which will divert the last of the oil reserves in the East and not the West.

After reading this, I ask you again, Mr Chancellor, do you want to invest in solar panels or roads?

Welcome to the solar panels century!

"Go your own energy way."


Stuart Lovatt 2011-11-30
Founder of Power My Home.