It’s easy being green

When Thomas Edison first invented a way to record sound waves, people at that time couldn’t comprehend the concept of recording sound. Today, we can’t comprehend a green orientated government, but it’s coming as sure as an iPod player exists today.

You can't solve new world problems with old age politics.

You can’t solve new world problems with old age politics.

As much as the establishment want to dismiss Russels Brand’s recent rants of revolution, he is in-tune with the up and coming generation. Today, revolution doesn’t have to include police kettling, placards or firebombing of yesteryear. It simply involves turning your back on 20th-century politics.

Green party membership has doubled in only one political term. You can probably blame David Cameron for hugging huskies for that, but now you’ll see the Moore’s Law taking effect on green politics. Fortunately, people are increasingly turning their backs on mainstream red/blue policies across the world that have nothing new to offer, other than more of the same?

Moore’s law is the same effect that created your super-slim tablet computer from the modest computing technology of earlier decades. As die-hard sceptics of planetary destruction continue to dwindle year on year, the shift to a greener world will now inevitably double approximately every two years – as Moore’s law predicts.

The impossible now becomes possible. If you had asked any computer scientist from thirty years ago, whether it would be possible to fit a computer in his pocket with over 1000 times more processing power than his current machine – the answer would almost certainly have been no.

That question could be asked of anybody regarding The Green Party today. As the issue of global destruction by human activity becomes more and more obvious to most people, the more the traditional politicians begin to look incompetent, greedy or both. The biggest U-turn by the Conservative party on green issues has been a pivotal moment for green politics.

The Conservative party has gone from the husky hugging, “greenest ever” to cutting the “green crap” and now see’s its credibility shot on the most significant issue of ours and our children’s time?

Politics short-lived embrace of the green agenda before the previous election campaign and now described as being “nonsense” by Mr Cameron and Osborne are comparable to the moment in computing when ‘Popular Mechanics predicted in 1949 that “Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.”

Politicians with this level of stupidity should be named and shamed, but unfortunately, history shows that common sense only prevails when the threat is knocking on their door.

The Labor party is not with its problems as it lost its credibility with their once loyal working class at a time when they are most needed. Despite their vision of a green-based economy, put into practice with the creation of the current alternative energy and solar panel incentive schemes. The Labour Party, realistically are never going to recover from Tony Blair and become the radical campaigning force for social change it used to be.

The current Energy secretary Ed Davey, like his predecessor Chris Huhne, is the true alternative energy unsung heroes. Both Liberal Democrats, but unfortunately for Britain’s only alternative third party, they are tainted by their tuition fee debacle.

The rise of UKIP is a symptom of this disdain for the current political system selling the British people short for the benefit of big business.

Looking forward, I could easily envision a world where the Green Party and UKIP become the two main players, as the battleground over the coming decades fought over immigration and environmental problems we can’t yet imagine.

Unfortunately, when I mean immigration, I don’t say the economic deluge we are currently experiencing today, I mean environmental refugees are escaping water and famine issues caused by a more erratic climate – I digress.

The increase in immigration will increase to unmanageable numbers as people migrate on masse as they attempt to escape the ravages of global planetary heating.

Escalating food prices caused by crop failures were responsible for the ‘Arab spring’ uprisings and can only get worse as we walk into a future of many unknowns. However, what we do know (and choose to ignore) are the effects of ‘business as usual’ economic activity on the planet’s atmospheric chemistry.

Whether we realise it or not, Ukip cannot save the country from a deluge of environmental refugees; The Conservative Party cannot give your children economic stability to their ‘business as usual’ mantra. The Liberal Democrats have lost respect with the young up and coming generations, and the Labour Party cannot exorcise the ghost haunting that is Tony Blair.

That only leaves the Green Party. Moore’s Law will inevitably take effect year on year, as scepticism about the global warming problem begins to die-off alongside the impact of rising global food prices become more apparent.

A world without the Conservative party seems strange, but unfortunately for them, they have lost all credibility on environmental and working-class issues – today and for generations to come. Conservatives are now to the environment, what Tony Blair is with Iraq.

I’m not an advocate of The Green Party, but by a simple process of elimination, the writing is already on the wall for the future of global politics.

The only people who think the system works, are the people who work for the system!

98% of people on Earth are spending 98% of their time on things that don’t matter. Most people don’t realise this until much later in their lives that they have been chasing the carrot on the end of the proverbial stick.

The result of this today is that democracy that was first set-up to help layman now does not. The legal system that was first set-up to bring equality. Even today, the social security system that was first established to help the poor to punish the poor – for being poor.

Russell Brand is not only voicing the issues of our time but highlighting the tightening of the authoritarian grip by governments worldwide, who already know that their traditional economic style is beginning to come apart at the seams.

Change is now such a cliche in politics, but Mr Brand’s vocal disdain is only a reflection of the simmering distrust by every country’s younger population. As he says: “The only people who think the system works, are the people who work for the system!” A depleting minority.

It’s not easy being green, but neither was it for early religion, democracy, social cohesion and advocates of women’s rights, but they were all subject to the laws of inevitability.

Getting the latest iPhone doesn’t matter, but the planet and social issues of our time do.

You don’t have to install solar panels to be green, but just your participation in a 21st-century political revolution.

Can Moore’s law work its magic in time?

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2014-12-09