I’ve found the holy grail

“Thousands of years of searching, but today I can finally solve this mystery.”

I used to take the standard vitamins and iron supplements religiously, but I still felt like I needed two large cups of coffee in the mornings while still feeling fuzzy-headed mid-morning. Today, I can do my exercises BEFORE my morning coffee, and my mind feels sharper.

I used to take the standard vitamins and iron supplements religiously, but I still felt like I needed two large cups of coffee in the mornings while still feeling fuzzy-headed mid-morning. Today my mind feels sharper.

The holy grail is purported to be a vessel once containing the blood of Jesus. This tale was fabricated by the early Church to help convert pagans to Christianity. Most of the Christian customs actually originate from pagan backgrounds.

In fact, the actual ‘Holy Grail’ has nothing to do with a cup. The story was taken from thousands of years of oral-based stories from travellers who once encountered people on their Silk Road travel, living much longer and healthier lives than we did in Europe during those times.

The Grail had not yet been made ‘holy’ by the early Roman Popes, and the grail was a trail leading to those people who lived astonishingly longer lives than those people who discovered them.

The legend of supernatural life longevity was born.

Our globe-trotting ancestors had lost the knowledge of the trail at some point, but the comforting fireside stories of a ‘trail’ leading to the secrets of life longevity never went away for those once short-lived pagans.

So, what was the secret of those people from afar? How did those people still dance long into the night in their old age? What was their magic potion? What were the magic ingredients? Questions that the Catholic Church was more than willing to answer to gain converts.

Many intrepid Knights gave the runaround, and the quest for the ‘holy grail’ has led many others on a journey for longevity.

The real ‘trail’ led to people living in abundantly forested regions of Asia. The secret of the long-lived people, the true source of the ‘grail’ story was their nutrient-rich soil in which their food source flourished.

Even in the times of King Arthur, Britain had been deforested for aeons prior while its associated biodiversity had long decimated too. Intensive farming practices over the generations had stripped the soil of its original nutritional value. Slurry and traditional fertilisers helped, but was no comparison to nature’s brand of clay.

The real reason a cup became a symbol of life-longevity was merely due to poor translation. The drinks offered to our original weary travellers were perceived to be a potion, and the health benefits of the food gifted to them during their stay apparently had an impact on them – the myth of long life was born.

With modern science, we are now aware of the nutritional value, but we today are also living in times of industrial-scale, intensively farmed practices and even more common soil value than our ancestors. Today, our supermarket food is propped up by chemical fertilisers.

The secret of those last remaining tribal people’s extended life and health was the high-nutritional value of the foods they eat. We cannot reforest our Earth, but we can with today’s science re-create the nutrition of 90 vitamins and elements that are vital for long and healthy life. The High Street vitamins and supplements don’t even come close to the ’90 essential elements’ that I have discovered.

I used to take the standard vitamins and iron supplement religiously, but I still felt like I needed two large cups of coffee in the morning with a fuzzy head mid-morning as well. Today, I do my exercise’s BEFORE my morning coffee, and my mind feels sharper than before.

Was it the difference in food and drink that those bronze age explorers discovered and still endures to this day?

I only endorse the things that I believe in passionately about, like solar panels, so believe me when I say this 90 vital elements that I have discovered – really works (just like solar panels).


Our time on Earth

“It is now obvious without a shadow of a doubt that our modern civilisation and the natural world aren’t having a harmonious relationship together.”

Time in this life is precious and precarious but taken for granted by most people. The same for the natural world, which day-by-day, year-by-year is quite literally disappearing from under our feet.

In such a tiny microcosm of geological time, the human ego has quite literally changed the face of the Earth. In an even smaller frame of time, we walk, we run, we dance, and then we have children. So let’s finally build a solar-powered future for them that they can be proud of – I digress.

We have lost our way, and we are just repeating the mistakes of the past. But this time is very different. This time we can render our planet inhospitable to life itself!

People today have more information at hand than the vast library of Alexandria, but yet we are the most brainwashed! People then as now rely on egomaniacs for their knowledge and today are force-fed nutrient-poor processed food. Many more people could make better health choices in their lives if they weren’t secretly being force-fed GMO rubbish in supermarket food.

Is this how it’s going to be? The last Tiger and Rhino die in a zoo while them Chinese businesspeople – still can’t get a stiffy! Jungles across the world stripped of their life while our anti-depressant usage grows because our furniture no longer makes us happy!

Is this how it’s going to be, with all three of the world superpowers fighting over the last of the oil in the Arctic while the oceans turn acidic.

With the gift of longevity and health comes a responsibility to protect the vast forests that gifted life to us said the people of the woods. Our Bronze age explorers ignored that advice; the ‘trail’ knowledge was lost, alongside the great forests that spawned the myth of the ‘grail’.

Discover the ‘real’ holy grail of health and energy for life yourself:


"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-09-14