Is the soul a renewable energy?

The greatest gift given to us by our forebears is the power of free speech. The greatest gift we can give the next generation is free energy.

Most of the population of the planet is born into mandatory religious indoctrination.

Passing to the other side will be as natural as entering into puberty, but whether you’re Hitler or Gandhi – the process will be the same.

Unfortunately, we have conceived a filtration process that rewards or condemns for our behaviour in this life.

I would advocate that a treaty is in place that would divide such a valuable commodity that is a human soul. In the inhospitable universe that we see; a soul would be a precious commodity indeed, and an untainted soul could be of higher value.

Encouraging wars within our species would be an invaluable tool for a negative energy feeding culture and promoting love and cohesion would be beneficial for the other positive energy feeding agency.

Such a treaty with such powerful intelligence’s would be refined and improved over time. This actions ultimately means the scriptures of old would be very outdated indeed, but the core values of ‘The Commandments’ are simple rules to aid our filtering process.

Love and hate are the most powerful of human emotions, so guessing who gets who in such a cosmic deal would be easy.

In such a treaty, there would be a filtration system that ensures quality control – I suggest economics and money is that system! There is no better intelligent way of measuring the ‘value of a soul’ than to give it free will and observing how it interacts with a controlled environment.

After all, the rules of the game were made simple, and as this economic system has evolved, so has its ability to filter the wheat from the chaff more efficiently as the number of souls needing processing increased.

The problem began with the Roman Emperors editing scripture and an additional two thousand years of successive Popes, Gurus and millions of others which pertain to ‘know the mind of God’ have muddied the waters.

Any universal supreme intelligence’s would create a self-learning, artificially intelligent machine to test quality and source the purest and pure souls automatically. This framework is known to us as ‘commerce’ and can efficiently manage the soul-grading process for those that have a vested interest in us as an energy source.

As all matter and energy within the universe get recycled, any opposing and competing agencies would want to automate and refine the process possibly for their cosmic survival.

Nobody has the answer, no matter how holy they claim to be. Religious men and Gurus are subject to the same economic pressures as the rest of us, which makes them prone to ‘feathering their own nests’ and appeasing their inbuilt human desires.

What was made clear:

You must not murder, you must not commit adultery, you must not steal, you must not give false testimony, honour your father and mother,’ and, ‘you must love your neighbour as yourself. But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first.

What the above statement from JC himself demonstrates, is that the soul-grading process revolves around how people treat others and the emotional energies that revolve around our interactions.

They say money is the root of all evil and may have been deliberately set-up that way to gather and recycle our ‘soul energy’ into something else; but that something else is the real mystery no human on this Earth can or will ever know.

Unfortunately, what is clear is that humanity cannot progress and take its place among the stars until the bondage of human-made religion gets unchanged.

An enlightened home is a solar-paneled one

Today, renewable technologies are produced using power from other renewable technologies. – Get your head around that!

For many households, the amount of money spent on annual heating, powering and transport costs is taking away valuable memories and positive experiences with loved ones. Real liberty comes by uncoupling your family from the dirty and expensive forms of fossil fuel energy and alternatively choosing ‘freely to gather’ renewable forms like with solar panels.

Individual households are pioneering their way towards real energy nirvana and finding themselves with a lot more disposable income for family fun and positive life experience’s.

The disciplines of Yoga and Meditation are about micro-managing the ligaments of the body, which intern manage the muscles and genuinely sensing oneself as a whole organism from the micro-level extending outward.

The same is right with alternative technology, as the power that lights up your TV and shows the plight of the Syrian refugees; is directly connected to the oil fields that are causing the war that you then see on your TV – Get your head around that!

The reality is that if you treat others well, then you probably don’t need loyalty points from any religious institute to prove it.

Additionally, Lest we forget that in the heartland of ancient Armenia that is current-day Turkey, lies the evidence that our historical knowledge is wrong. Everything you know about energy, history and physics is wrong. Here lies Gobekli Tepe. An architectural wonder that proves that humanity’s evolutionary path is not how we’ve been taught.

A structure that was deliberately buried to protect it from the last glacial flood events. This archaeology has been deliberately hidden away because it proved that over 9,000 to 12,000 years ago, that its builders knew about Tesla’s frequency and vibration before modern technology, DNA, sperm and reproduction before the microscope, future global environmental impact before satellites and all built by people with fashionable clothes – Get your head around that!

We are a species with amnesia, but what is certain is that right enlightenment is the knowledge that is self-discovered through inquiry and probably not preached from others.

Neither science nor religion has managed to explain how self-replicating cells got started without invoking ‘magic’ or the ‘chicken and the egg’ hypotheses problem.

Even with our gadgets, cars and the internet, humanity is still living in an oppressed dark age. We are always sucking on the oil-stained teats of our religious spouting oppressors.

The ability to see ‘time’ as a much more precious commodity than gold; is the first step towards a more enlightening journey that our economic overlords don’t want you to take!

The hoarding of money while watching the impending ecological and social disaster now leans humanity towards the negative end of the scale.

Is this all nothing more than a cosmic symbiotic relationship? Is Satan nothing more than the equivalent of a scrap metal merchant recycling failed souls? The recycling of souls as an energy source could explain the fires of hell.

What we do know for sure is that human-made religion is a numbers game. The higher the pyramid, the higher the power for those stood on the capstone.

Now, how refreshing and confident it would be for global economies if families could spend what they spent on their annual energy bills and use it to pay valuable time with family and friends. Welcome to the world of alternative energy economics and the scientific art of worshipping the sun with solar panels – again this is a numbers game.

Ultimately, we can free the next generation from the bondage of petrodollar economics and religion; that has only promoted war and held humanity back from our real destiny among the stars.

Thanks, Granddad for your sacrifices; so that I may speak freely today.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2016-02-25