How might the world end

The end of the Mayan 5,125-year cycle is now upon us, and a new epoch in human and planetary time will soon arrive -or so goes the theory!

Power My Home PV Solar Panels UKWhether you think that the theory will be proved wrong, as the millennium bug was in 2000, or believe that humanity will go the same way as the Dodo, the timing of the Mayan cycle alongside recent human and planetary events will make even the most die-hard cynic think twice.

Three significant factors which may alter or devastate our modern civilisation leaving out events such as asteroids, solar flares or pandemics, are already in play, and we must ignore this at our peril.

Written below is my prediction for the beginning of our end.

We have all been aware of recent changes in the seasons. Earlier springs, later autumns and less annual rainfall can sound like a blessing to us in the United Kingdom, but I am afraid that this is a fool’s gold scenario.

In 2012, the global-wide, weird weather patterns will cause devastating crop failures around the world. Global food prices have already been rising sharply because of poor wheat yields for the last two years, but this will be the year that a huge percentage of the world’s food requirements will be devastated because of a combination of low rainfall, related water shortages and plant diseases caused by global warming.

5,000 years of altering the mechanics of the bio-sphere will trip tipping point this year.

Economic downturn to economic slide

This one I call the shower-curtain effect.

Walking around a sizeable out-of-town shopping centre (you know the type), I realised that the whole global economy now depends on unabated shopping habits.

The world’s leading and most influential countries must depend on their people, both rich and poor, to keep spending, or smaller economies (curtain supports) will snap, snap, snap-on by one until the whole curtain (whole global economy) cannot be supported anymore and falls.

Within localised economies, the two most significant social groups (middle and working classes) keep their savings running successfully. These two teams are also affected the most by any cuts to government spending and thus will not be spending but saving and preceding non-essential goods. The wealthy classes are too small a percentage to support whole economies. One by one, individual countries could fail, giving China a massive wake-up call.

In 2012, we could see the Chinese economy, built on global overspending and currently overspending itself, slide quickly into a Dubai style crash.

An energy crunch caused by peak oil

The bloodstream of our society, our civilisation and our modern lives are oil. Both the economy and the ability to feed 7 billion people are dependent on an uninterrupted flow.

The rush for new sources is on, with most of the world’s countries now dependent on unreliable sources and existing sources strained by the emergence of the modern Tiger economies in the East: the flow of the remaining reserves could be prioritised to flow eastward.

In 2012, we may see backroom deals between the Eastern powers and the Middle East to divert the remaining stocks of oil to flow to the East and not the West, which would leave the Western economies with no option but to declare hostilities.

Eager to protect their long-term interests, the Eastern powers, will undoubtedly safeguard their new allies and new oil supply. Welcome to a possible World War III scenario.

Throughout history, war has always been used to revive ailing economies.

There are three plausible scenarios for the beginning of the end, with not an asteroid insight. The Mayans may not have predicted the end of times this year, but you must admit their timing is uncanny.

A perfect storm of problems, occurring at the same time in history may, at worst, be enough to kill our modern civilisations, at best make us change our destructive ways.

Unlike the Mayans who could not have envisaged the Spanish coming from across the water, we can see our fate looming on the horizon.

The fight for civilisation’s won; the challenge of keeping it has just begun.

Forewarned is forearmed.

"Go your own energy way."


Stuart Lovatt 2012-01-24
Founder of Power My Home.